Simplifying Communication for AtHome Healthcare

Simplifying Communication for AtHome Healthcare

Secure Collaboration Supports Home Health Goals

As the best home health provider in American Canyon, AtHome Healthcare offers the highest quality of home health care in their area. They use evidence-based practices and the latest technologies to deliver home healthcare. AtHome Healthcare of California provides exceptional home-based patient care with quality and compassion. The organization services Northern California, averaging 60 patients each month.

AtHome Healthcare + TigerConnect

At Home Healthcare selected TigerConnect Patient Engagement for the value, security, privacy, and ability to send HIPAA-compliant secure messages to clinicians and patients.

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Communication Challenges

In the past, AtHome Healthcare’s communication happened through their EHR. However, it was difficult to read messages and obtain information in real-time, especially with limited staffing.

Messages containing critical patient visit information weren’t received until later in the day.

“There are many steps required before speaking with clinicians and patients,” says Jenalynne Uy-De Vera, Director of Patient Care Services. “With our patients and patient care, we get a lot of miscommunication, or important messages fall through the cracks during handoff.”

When researching new communication and collaboration solutions for home health, AtHome Healthcare sought the most effective and reliable platform on the market. TigerConnect Patient Engagement met the organization’s two main goals:

  • Real-time case conferencing for the appropriate number of clinicians
  • An easy-to-manage, user-friendly solution that requires little training across teams.

Implementing TigerConnect Patient Engagement

AtHome Healthcare selected TigerConnect Patient Engagement based on the platform’s value, security, and privacy. The ability to send HIPAA-compliant secure text messages to both clinicians and patients was valuable. AtHome Healthcare realized that not only were they meeting their goals, but that they were able to achieve much more.

Powerful and easy to use, TigerConnect Patient Engagement is an efficient way for healthcare professionals to communicate with patients using secure text. TigerConnect Patient Engagement lets physicians converse with patients one-on-one or loop in the larger care team.

TigerConnect Patient Engagement gives both providers and patients a convenient way to interact. Clinicians can quickly switch between provider and patient modes to initiate a conversation. Additionally, patients can talk with providers free of portals or passwords.

  • Secure Collaboration: Clinical and administrative staff can coordinate care securely and effectively, reducing wait times and the need for a callback.
  • EHR Integration: Clinicians can integrate TigerConnect Patient Engagement with their EHR to create powerful workflow automation. Automatically sync patient lists for immediate outreach to family and caregivers. Or, write back conversations to patient records, eliminating manual work.
  • Patient Outreach: TigerConnect Patient Engagement allows physicians to attach instructions or answer questions before each patient visit. Clinicians can also address patient concerns after a hospital stay to head off potentially serious issues.
  • Appointment Reminders: Sending text reminders to patients can cut down on cancellations and no-show appointments. This allows care providers to fill unexpected openings.
  • Easy for All: Arianna Sampayan, AtHome Healthcare’s PR Director, recalls the convenience and ease of using the TigerConnect Patient Engagement mobile-friendly platform. “It makes it easy for home health, especially when you have clinicians you don’t see face to face.”

“The clinicians are all very comfortable with using it,” Sampayan continues. “It’s straightforward and perfect for AtHome, just to have that familiarity with TigerConnect and [TigerConnect Patient Engagement]; it was very simple for our staff to utilize.”

Decreased Delays

The ability to hand off their care plan in real-time, regardless of EHR information, reduced delays for AtHome Healthcare. The care team no longer needs to wait for notes to populate in the EHR. The reduction in wasted time also allows clinicians to see their patients sooner.

“With TigerConnect, it’s already there,” says Uy-De Vera. “You can scroll in real-time, and all the clinicians can read the message.”

Safer Care

The most significant improvement Uy-De Vera found was the ability to address known issues and improve care quality. AtHome Health’s top priority is the health and safety of its clinicians and clients. They can communicate with patients during the pandemic prior to in-person visits with COVID-19 related questions, awareness, and security checks.

Through TigerConnect Patient Engagement, AtHome Healthcare has simplified communication. Patients only receive one call from one clinician instead of multiple calls from numerous clinicians. “TigerConnect has been really helpful for reaching out to our clinicians,” says Uy-De Vera.

Stellar Service

At such a critical time for unifying home health and telehealth, TigerConnect is a valuable asset for AtHome Healthcare during the transition process.

“Everybody, from the beginning, has made it a smooth transition and stellar customer service,” recalls Uy-De Vera. “At any time I needed them, they were there front and center to work out the kinks, find answers, and resolution; the whole platform has been incredible.”

Final Thoughts

Implementing TigerConnect Patient Engagement streamlined communication for AtHome Healthcare. Patients and clinicians now experience secure, HIPAA-compliant communication and advanced features.

“It has been thought out and well-assisted. It has been incredible,” says Sampayan. “The TigerConnect team is very helpful. The platform is user-friendly. I would definitely recommend TigerConnect Patient Engagement to any home health agency or doctor’s office.”

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Will O’Connor, M.D. is the Chief Medical Information Officer at TigerConnect. As a physician executive with more than 20 years of healthcare experience, Will is a passionate advocate for rapid advancement across the healthcare industry.

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