Smart Bed Integration

Smart Beds Made Smarter

Enterprise fall prevention and bed management with Stryker iBed Awareness and Linet Smart Beds enhances mitigation around sentinel events and streamlines rounding workflows.

Real-time bed status monitoring

Get instant visibility of bed settings and alarms in real time. Remote monitoring of bed status includes critical details like compliance, rails settings, height, Fowler angle, and more.

Prevent falls with instant alerts

TigerConnect’s integrations with Stryker and Linet enable caregivers to be alerted automatically the moment a patient’s bed configuration is compromised. Staff can immediately call back into the room, instruct the patient to remain in bed, and assure them that help is on the way.

Advanced smart bed integration

Advanced smart bed integration

Fall risk status
Remotely view bed alarms and intercede directly on your mobile device.
Bed parameter status
View different bed configuration settings on any web-enabled device.
Centralization of bed management data
Bring enterprise, smart bed management into the command center.

Smart bed integration features

Group Messaging
Real-Time View of Bed Parameters

Remotely view bed settings from any web-enabled device.

Group Messaging
Visualization of Bed Alerts

Immediately route notifications of bed alerts to the right caregiver.

Group Messaging
Fall Risk Visualized Display

View predetermined fall risk by importing patient precautions from ADT/EHR systems.

Group Messaging
Mobile Alert Notification

Route bed alerts in real-time to caregivers via the TigerConnect message feed.

Group Messaging
Continuous Assessment

Enable RNs to address risky patient behavior (bed alerts) as they round.

Group Messaging
Centralized Bed Management

Provide real-time visualization of bed parameters across an enterprise.

Increase ROI on your hospital’s smart bed investment

By incorporating bed alerts into the TigerConnect message feed your hospital can decrease falls by routing alert notifications in real time, allowing caregivers to call back into the room.

Access bed management details

Access bed management details

The TigerConnect Bed Board displays bed serial numbers, unit location (both current and previous locations), any alerts, bed status as well as the status of the locator battery for the beds.

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