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Emergency Department


Increase ED throughput and prevent emergency room overcrowding with real-time collaboration from TigerConnect.

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Better Emergency Care, Faster: Clinical Workflows for Accelerating Patient Throughput

Emergency Department Workflows Improved with TigerConnect

Turn time savings into lives saved.

ED Consult

Improve ED Throughput with Automatic Consult Notifications.

Speed up emergency department consult notification and reduce emergency department left without being seen (LWBS) rates by automatically connecting the ordering provider and on-call specialist in a patient-centered group message as soon as a consult is placed in the EHR.


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ED to Inpatient Transfers

Reduce Emergency Room Crowding with More Efficient Patient Transfers.

Easily coordinate patient transfers between the emergency room and receiving inpatient unit to improve patient flow. TigerConnect enables care teams to easily share patient demographics and clinical information via secure group messaging for better coordination during discharge and transfer.


How to Increase ED Capacity by 20% With Faster ED to Inpatient Transfers

Trauma Response & Pre-admit Integration to EMS

Expedite Emergency Department Triage.

Accelerate emergency department triage by conducting a TigerConnect video call with EMS, entering patient demographics into the EHR, and activating the trauma response team – all before the patient arrives in the emergency department.


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ED Stat Lab & Radiology

Respond Faster with Instant Alerts for Critical Test Results.

Increase care team responsiveness by automatically notifying providers when critical test results are available. TigerConnect integrations prioritize and route diagnostic test results notifications to the appropriate care team members as soon as results are posted in the EHR or LIS.


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IV Sedation

Save Time by Activating Response Teams with a Single Tap.

Quickly activate pre-defined teams to coordinate IV sedation in a group message with the IV sedation team, specialist on-call, and radiologist.


Streamline Care Team Coordination

Healthcare’s Most Powerful Communication & Collaboration Solution

Built for the way you work.

Seamless Communication

HIPAA-compliant communication across the hall and across the health system.

Custom Teams

Instantly collaborate with pre-defined teams consisting of the appropriate on-call roles.

Interoperable & 100% Cloud-Based

System integrations ensure the right information is routed to the right providers at the right time.

Role-Based Scheduling

Functional roles auto-populate from your physician schedules.

Easily Find Who’s on Call

Scheduling integration makes it easy to find on-call providers, even if you don’t know their name.

Real-Time Patient Data

Get real time, context-rich patient alerts and alarms.

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See TigerConnect in Action: Automate Your Emergency Department Consult Workflow

Watch this short product demo to see how TigerConnect automates physician consult notifications in the emergency department.

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Emergency Department Unit Clerk

Wayne Healthcare

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions about emergency department workflows, answered.

What are strategies to prevent emergency department overcrowding?

According to research published in the Journal of Personalized Medicine, when patients’ time in the emergency room is prolonged after treatment, pending transfer to an inpatient unit, it creates crowding in the emergency room. Role and team-based messaging with TigerConnect speeds the ED to inpatient transfer process, thereby reducing overcrowding and improving throughput.

How can hospitals improve patient throughput?

The TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform speeds ED workflows throughout the patient journey by connecting the right providers for the right need and at the right time. With TigerConnect, emergency departments can expedite ED triage, automate consultation notifications, automatically route critical test result notifications to the appropriate providers, and speed inpatient transfers.


How can hospitals reduce emergency room wait times?

Reducing emergency department wait times is critical for patient safety and satisfaction. TigerConnect enables hospitals and healthcare providers to improve their processes and maximize efficiency, leading to shorter wait times and improved outcomes. Moreover, the technology can reduce overcrowding in the ED, freeing up more time for clinicians to provide better care, increasing patient satisfaction, and improving overall hospital operations.