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Best Practices for Staff Communication from Cross Creek Hospital

TigerConnect joins Behavioral Health Business and Cross Creek Hospital to uncover the impact of optimized clinical communication behavioral health settings
HOSTED BY: Brandon Willis, Director of Clinical Services at Cross Creek Hospital, and Tyler Peterson, Product Marketing Manager at TigerConnect
DATE: Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2023

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Beyond Secure Messaging: Unlocking More Power with TigerConnect 

Did you know you can do so much more with TigerConnect than secure texting? Join us for an educational session tailored to our valued customers to learn how you can get the most out of your investment with advanced features and capabilities.
HOSTED BY: Lauren Tinker, Client Success Director at TigerConnect, and Stanley Rokaw, Product Manager at TigerConnect
DATE: Wednesday, Sep. 27, 2023

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Friday 15-Min Demos: Keep Patients In-Network with Efficient Transfer Center Workflows

In just 15 minutes, see how TigerConnect enables the transfer center, sending unit, and receiving unit to share information in real-time. Speed up the transfer process by an average of 95 minutes, reducing out-of-network leakage, and improving both the patient and staff experience.
HOSTED BY: Chris Vacca, Solution Design Director at TigerConnect
DATE: Friday, Sep. 29, 2023

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On-Demand Webinars​

Friday 15 Min. Demos: Increase Your OR Capacity

Watch this 15-minute demo to see how real-time communication can increase your OR capacity. Learn how to speed OR transitions to dramatically boost OR revenue in this quick, no-strings-attached demo.
HOSTED BY: Chris Lowder, Senior Solution Architect at TigerConnect

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Friday 15 Min. Demos: Reduce Stroke Response Times by 30 Minutes

In just 15 minutes, you can see the TigerConnect Stroke Workflow in action. Learn how hospitals have been able to cut their door-to-needle time in half – to under 30 minutes.
HOSTED BY: Chris Vacca, Solution Design Director at TigerConnect

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Break Through Bottlenecks: How Sharp Memorial is Improving ED Workflows

Learn how Sharp Memorial Hospital modernized its ED and inpatient transfers with automated workflows and real-time care team communication, leading to better patient experiences and improved outcomes.
HOSTED BY: Jessica Carlson, Clinical Nursing Support Manager at Sharp Memorial Hospital

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Friday 15 Min. Demos: Improve Your Patient Engagement Workflows

With TigerConnect, you can connect with patients and caregivers by secure video, voice, or text. In this 15-minute webinar, you’ll see the top four ways you can improve your patient engagement workflows.
HOSTED BY: Chris Lowder, Senior Solution Architect at TigerConnect

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How Mount Nittany Health Improved Clinical Workflows with Modern Scheduling

Learn how Mount Nittany Health modernized their previous scheduling system to save time, increase accountability, and improve patient outcomes. With TigerConnect, they centralized their scheduling solution, which greatly improved communication between departments.

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Diagnosing Workflow Challenges: Survey Insights from Healthcare Leaders

In this 30-minute webinar, see where clinical communication is failing, how it can improve, and what today’s healthcare professionals need to be successful.
HOSTED BY: Dr. Will O’Connor, CMIO at TigerConnect

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Save Nurse Time, Improve Patient Care with Smarter Clinical Workflows 

Stop wasting nurses’ time. Register to learn how to facilitate better, faster care with accessible and accurate clinical context, increase productivity, and improve collaboration. Nurses can save up to 2 hours per day with TigerConnect.
HOSTED BY: Nikki Manuel, MSN, RN-BC, Clinical Nurse Consultant at TigerConnect

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4 Pro Tips to Do More with Patient Engagement

Learn how to do more with your patient engagement tool by utilizing all of the features offered to reduce no shows, streamline processes and give time back to your staff.
HOSTED BY: Tyler Peterson, Product Marketing Manager at TigerConnect

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Pardon Which Interruption? How Intelligently Managing Alerts Improves Clinical Workload Balance​

Today’s nurses carry a heavy workload, made worse by a deluge of unfiltered alerts, alarms, and other interruptions that not only slow down workflows but can also result in medical errors. Join this webinar to learn how to reduce alarm fatigue, mitigate risk, and alleviate nurse burnout.
Chris Lowder, Senior Solution Architect, TigerConnect
Sarah Williams, Solution Design Director, TigerConnect

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Leveraging Technology to Enhance Care Delivery in Skilled Nursing Facilities

Learn how the latest technology trends can be used to streamline processes, improve communication and collaboration among staff, and enhance the quality of care for residents at skilled nursing facilities.

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Streamlining Clinical Workflows with Smarter Scheduling

Learn how integrating physician schedules with role-based messaging can speed clinical workflows and improve outcomes.

HOSTED BY: Dr. Will O’Connor, MD, CMIO, TigerConnect

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Successfully Implement CC&C: 8 Key Learnings

Learn the tangible bottom-line financial impacts that CC&C can have on your organization while helping to alleviate some of the common challenges facing health systems.

HOSTED BY: Angela Romero, Sr Director, Professional Services, TigerConnect​

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The Power of Streamlined Patient Transfers

Dr. Mark Sutherland discusses automating the patient transfer intake workflow by integrating a CC&C platform with the EHR.

HOSTED BY:Dr. Mark Sutherland, Medical Director of the Patient Placement Division, University of Maryland Access Center

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Simplify and Consolidate with Secure, Modern Clinical Communication

Learn how to modernize communication utilizing a Clinical Communication & Collaboration (CC&C) platform. Transform the way physicians and staff communicate with patients and each other to deliver better care, increase staff satisfaction, enhance patient experience and reduce expenses.

HOSTED BY: Will O’Connor M.D., Chief Medical Information Officer at TigerConnect

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Improve Critical Response Times Utilizing TigerConnect

Learn how to improve response times for critical and time-sensitive care events with TigerConnect.
Ryan Bush, Clinical Nurse Consultant, TigerConnect
Chris Vacca, Solution Design Director, TigerConnect

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Boost Your Bottom Line: The ROI of CC&C

Learn the tangible bottom-line financial impacts that CC&C can have on your organization while helping to alleviate some of the common challenges facing health systems.

HOSTED BY: Cheryl McKay, PhD, RN, Nurse Executive at TigerConnect

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Expedite Communication and Trigger Urgent Actions with TigerConnect

Within the healthcare environment, life-changing decisions need to happen quickly. In these situations, speed-to-diagnosis, treatment, and response time matter and directly impact patient recovery and outcomes.

HOSTED BY:Will O’Connor, MD, CMIO, TigerConnect

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Pressure to Be Profitable: Four Financial Impacts of CC&C

Miscommunication in healthcare leads to misdiagnoses and medical errors that result in malpractice claims, financial burden, and never events. Learn four key impacts that establishing a Clinical Communication and Collaboration (CC&C) platform will have on your organization.

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Four Transformational Impacts of CC&C

Learn how the nation’s most progressive hospitals and health systems are meeting these challenges head on with innovative approaches.

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Physician Practice Communication for Today’s Digital Patient

Learn how a modern, HIPAA-compliant, all-in-one solution provides seamless communication and collaboration across your practice improving clinical and financial outcomes. Transform the way physicians and staff communicate with patients and each other.

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Improving Home Health & Hospice Workflows with Secure Communication

Home health and hospice caregivers need secure, HIPAA-compliant solutions to connect effectively with staff, physicians, patients, families, and each other.    
Learn how to better support distributed caregivers, improve care coordination, streamline workflows, and ease communication with patients and families.

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Becker’s and Newark Beth Israel Medical Center

Digital transformation doesn’t need to be stressful or happen overnight. Watch this webinar to learn how smaller, progressive clinical collaboration advancements can help.

GUEST SPEAKER: Charles Cathcart, M.D., CMO, Newark Beth Israel Medical Center

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5 Hospice Workflows Improved with Clinical Communication & Collaboration

Watch this webinar to discover how a modern, integrated clinical communication and collaboration solution improves efficiency, eases interactions with patient families, and enables more compassionate, thoughtful care.

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Beyond Texting: A Holistic Approach to Clinical Communication & Collaboration

The need for one, integrated, user-friendly solution for clinical communication has become increasingly critical in healthcare. Learn why your communication solution should be integrated with multiple clinical systems, enabling secure info-sharing with staff and patients, intelligent alert routing to reduce delays and fatigue, and contextual awareness to deliver more effective care.

HOSTED BY: Dr. Will O’Connor, CMIO, of TigerConnect.

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How to Boost Patient Engagement & Improve Outcomes

Learn how easing communication between patients and their care teams positively impacts patient outcomes and satisfaction – as well as provider operations and revenue. See an all-in-one solution that combines HIPAA-compliant patient texting and video calls, broadcast messaging, appointment reminders, and clinical collaboration to deliver optimal care.

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State of Healthcare Communication: Modernizing Healthcare Communication Technology

The use of insecure, outdated communication technology is still far too prevalent in healthcare. Learn how modern technology can transform healthcare communication and delivery as well as the barriers slowing its adoption and how to overcome them.

HOSTED BY: Dr. Will O’Connor, CMIO of TigerConnect

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Managing On-Call Schedules: Building One Source of Truth

If your hospital is still using an inefficient on-call scheduling system, this webinar is for you. Discover how automated, cloud-based physician scheduling can expedite patient care, mitigate risks, and help alleviate staff burnout.

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Easing Communication & Scheduling for Home Health & Hospice Staff

Join Hospice News and Catherine Sapp, BSN, RN, Executive Director at Avita Home Health & Hospice, as they discuss how Avita transformed communication and scheduling to improve efficiency and patient care.

GUESTS: Catherine Sapp, BSN, RN, Executive Director at Avita Home Health & Hospice

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Jumpstart Your Physician Scheduling

Jumpstart Your Physician Scheduling

Discover how you can simplify physician scheduling with an automated, accessible, and mobile-friendly solution. Save time, improve efficiency, and ensure fairness in on-call assignments, shifts, and time-off requests.

HOSTED BY: Justin Wampach, VP, Scheduling, and Angela Romero, Director of Professional Services both of TigerConnect.

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Patient Transfer UNM Beckers Webinar

Patient Transfer Playbook: Enabling Efficient, Informed and Quality-Focused Decisions

Learn how University of New Mexico Hospital providers have been able to make faster, more informed decisions regarding patient referrals using a secure, integrated communication platform.

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How to Implement a Clinical Communication & Collaboration Platform

Learn how the innovation team at St. Luke’s University Health Network, with the help of TigerConnect’s clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) platform – has been able to eliminate unnecessary pagers, decrease internal calls to operators, expedite on-call message delivery and accuracy, and intelligently route critical alerts – all while empowering staff, improving collaboration, and enhancing patient care.

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2020 Survey Report: The State of Patient Engagement

Our 2020 survey with The Harris Poll confirms that the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted the adoption of virtual care and telehealth solutions.

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Save Time & Reduce Stress with Automated On-Call Physician Scheduling

Discover how automated, mobile-friendly on-call physician scheduling can ease stress and streamline workflows by ensuring shift fairness, enabling shift swaps, and integrating with EHRs and communication systems. Learn how to keep staff happy and improve care delivery.

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How a Top ACO Drives Better Outcomes Through Effective Communications

Learn how Innovation Care Partners (ICP), an ACO with more than 150,000 covered lives, uses TigerConnect’s innovative clinical and patient communications platform to improve workflows and establish best practices.

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