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  • Cheryl McKay, PhD, RN, Nurse Executive Accountable Care

    5 Ways Secure Healthcare Messaging Can Turbocharge Hospital Workflows

    The nursing profession is experiencing significant staffing shortages, leaving many chief nursing officers (CNOs) to navigate the challenge of providing quality patient care with smaller teams and limited resources. This has become the leading factor in work-related burnout and turnover....

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  • Ryan Bush, MSN, RN-BC, Clinical Nurse Consultant

    Maximizing Efficiency and Quality of Care: Understanding Clinical Workflows

    Here’s a sobering thought: 30 percent of all medical malpractice lawsuits today came as the result of poor clinical workflows. These inefficient workflows not only resulted in costs exceeding $2 billion but also caused nearly 2,000 deaths.  Whether it’s a...

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  • Chris Lowder, Senior Solution Architect at TigerConnect

    Modernizing Patient Transfer Workflows

    Patient transfer workflows are one of the most challenging clinical workflows healthcare providers face – due to the number of clinicians involved and fragmented communication. Many healthcare organizations use a combination of pagers, faxes, and phone calls to coordinate patient...

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  • Tyler Peterson, Product Marketing Manager

    Enhancing Patient and Family Satisfaction in Skilled Nursing Facilities with TigerConnect

    Skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) are essential for providing long-term care and support for patients with complex health needs. However, despite the critical role they play, SNFs can face communication challenges that impact patient and family satisfaction. According to a study...

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