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  • Melody Gandy-Bohr

    How Healthcare Can Change the Odds with Value-Based Care

    How Healthcare Can Change the Odds with Value-Based Care

    The healthcare industry is exploding with new technologies that make providers more efficient and improve patient experiences. As the leading source of healthcare IT news, insight, and analysis, Healthcare IT Today covers all of these developments. John Lynn is the online...

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  • Peppi Browne-Armstrong

    How to Leverage Communication and Data to Improve Patient Handoffs

    How to leverage communication and data to improve patient handoffs

    The patient handoff process is a sensitive period, rife with potential error. According to the Joint Commission, most serious medical errors involve miscommunication during patient handoffs between providers and care settings.¹ Whether transitioning care to another shift, team, or organization,...

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  • Ricardo Estrada, Senior Product Marketing Manager at TigerConnect

    How to create fair (and pain-free) physician schedules

    How to Create Fair (and Pain-Free) Physician Schedules

    Ask any practice administrator how they feel about their clinic’s physician scheduling process. They might grimace as hours spent in spreadsheets, archaic systems, multiple channels for change requests, and frequent miscommunications come to mind. Manual methods for managing physician schedules...

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  • Melody Gandy-Bohr

    Transforming care delivery with modern healthcare technology

    Transforming care delivery with modern healthcare technology

    Speed is key in care delivery. New technology that improves the speed of information flow between team members can increase operational efficiency and positively impact patient outcomes. Today, every healthcare organization has software that handles some complex tasks, but there...

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