TigerConnect Use Cases


A Radical Approach to Healthcare’s Biggest Communication Challenges

At TigerConnect, we know many of healthcare’s biggest challenges can be improved or solved through better communication because we see it every day. It’s the pregnant mother and child saved because the right team was rapidly assembled or the medication mix-up that was avoided with a single text message. It’s subtle impacts, too, like a more caring staff, less data entry, and patients that brag about their hospital experience.

Better communication and access to information — It’s a common sense approach that is surprisingly absent in healthcare today. In fact, you might even say it’s radically uncommon. With your help, we can change that.

In this brochure, discover how optimizing clinical communication can streamline workflows and drive positive outcomes in these eight areas: ED Transport, Heart Code, Stroke, Sepsis, Patient Discharge, Skilled Nursing, Transitions of Care, and Home Health/Behavioral.