Nurse Call Middleware

Modernize Your Nurse Call Workflow, Notifications & Reporting

Flexible, software-based clinical workflow middleware brings together RTLS, EHR, and smart bed alerts in a single mobile experience with deep clinical analytics.

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the right message to the right caregiver v2

The right message to the right caregiver

Intelligently route context-rich notifications from any nurse call system to the appropriate staff member using flexible, rules-based workflow. Identify requests best suited for support staff to save RNs’ time and reduce unnecessary interruptions.

Workflow configuration made easy

Customize your current nurse call system’s workflow based on the unique requirements of your individual units, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Flexible configurations allow nurse leadership to route alerts from those units to the care team based on clinical roles, assignments, prioritization, or availability.

workflow configuration made easy

A nurse call that works for you

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Contextual Notifications

Include room, location, patient name, precautions, priorities, alarm limits, and other reported values.

Reject notifications when busy, auto-escalating calls to the next care team member.

Decreased Clinical Interruptions
Reduce notification fatigue through intelligent processing of patient alerts and smarter routing of mobile notifications.

Nurse call features

track patient satisfaction

Track patient satisfaction

Consume and correlate data from nurse call systems, EHR, and RTLS platforms to create a real-time snapshot of patient experience, staff responsiveness, unit workload, and hospital performance.

Clinical leaders can view, trend, and compare patient satisfaction metrics (HCAHPS) across the enterprise. Armed with this data, leaders can reinforce their decision-making and process improvement initiatives around patient satisfaction and clinical workflow effectiveness.

Easily integrate with existing systems

Direct integrations with your EMR/ADT, major RTLS platforms, smart bed vendors, and medical devices that offer a myriad of innovative use cases that converge clinical systems, streamline communications and collaboration and generate insightful analytics within a single user experience.

easily integrate with existing systems