Why TigerConnect?

Smarter, Faster, Safer Clinical Workflows

Every second counts when it comes to patient care. Creating standardized workflows means care teams have a better way to work.

Clinical workflows

Clinical Workflows that Improve the Way you Work

TigerConnect works with thousands of healthcare organizations, large and small, to streamline clinical workflows and improve care coordination.

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7,000+ Healthcare Organizations Of All Sizes Trust TigerConnect

Maximize Productivity with Real-Time Communication

Eliminate friction in healthcare communication by connecting your care teams, on-call schedules, and patient data in real-time. Deliver better care faster with seamless clinical collaboration.

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Colleagues & Patients

Physicians and nurses can communicate effectively and efficiently

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Scheduling & Personas

Clinical workflows are enhanced when connected to scheduling and personas

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Data & Reports

Clinical workflows are optimized when personas and/or care tems are connected to data in real-time


Benefits of Streamlining Workflows

Dr. Andrew Brooks, Chief Medical Officer at TigerConnect, discusses the benefits healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) can achieve by streamlining clinical workflows.

Integrations to Speed Workflows

TigerConnect integrates with your critical hospital systems to break down the information silos and push patient data to care teams – the moment it becomes available – from a wide range of systems.

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Integrated data – mobile-friendly and instantly actionable

Physicians and nurses are getting crushed under a system that prioritizes data entry over patient care. TigerConnect Integrations help reverse this trend by merging only the most critical, relevant, and timely system data – EHR, nurse call, physiological monitors, labs, and imaging – within a single, mobile-friendly clinical communications app where it can be acted upon. No wasted time in the EHR, just better outcomes for patients and higher productivity

Your entire health system on one cloud-based communication platform

TigerConnect Integrations enable healthcare organizations to expand beyond the four walls of a single facility to provide an easy, seamless platform for team communication and care coordination across the hall or across the state. Try doing that with your EHR.

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