Critical Lab Results

Notification of Critical Results

Prioritize and route Critical Lab Results to caregivers the moment they are posted.

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The Right Notification at the Right Time

TigerConnect Alarm Management & Event Notification consumes critical lab results data posted from EHRs and Lab Information Systems (LIS). The application prioritizes the event based on configurable parameters and routes the notification to the appropriate care team members based on roles and assignments.

Timely Delivery of Results

Nearly every patient in the acute care setting requires laboratory tests to inform clinical decisions and treatment. These results must be communicated accurately and routed to the appropriate caregiver as soon as possible to ensure patient safety.

Whether it be coagulation, hematology, virology, cardiac panels, etc., timely delivery of results can streamline care and empower collaboration.

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Acceptance & Escalation

The notification features a user acceptance workflow to show that the notification was acknowledged by an assigned caregiver. The notification will continue to populate the messages inbox for all assigned care team members until it has been accepted.

Enterprise visibility allows oversight of the results notifications, ensuring critical lab results are read by licensed caregivers within the timeframe required by regulatory bodies such as CLIA and Joint Commission.