Healthcare Team Collaboration

Activate Rapid Response Teams With a Single Tap

Quickly look up and mobilize code teams like Sepsis, Code Blue, and COVID-19.

Save precious time in code situations

Save precious time in code situations

In critical situations, Teams makes activating emergency responses like those for Rapid Response Teams (RRT) fast and highly efficient. No more pager alerts, phone calls, or overhead paging. Share vital patient details in the message so the care team is prepared.

Accessible by anyone in the directory

Accessible by anyone in the directory

With Teams, it’s easy for non-members to activate and communicate with the right people in your organization at the right time. This way, everyone is working from the same information. Even non-members stay in the conversation as long as they’re needed.

Teams adds value at all phases of care

Teams adds value at all phases of care

Highly adaptive, Teams can help streamline care team collaboration at any stage of the patient journey. In emergent situations, Teams allows instant activation of Rapid Response Teams, while episodic care teams such as hospitalist admission and wound care improve capacity management and overall efficiency.

External facilities like skilled nursing facilities can use Teams to manage cases and operational departments like patient scheduling or IT can swiftly complete tasks and address requests.

TigerConnect Teams features

Group Messaging
Team Activation
Anyone in the directory with Teams access enabled can discover and activate a team.
Secure Messaging
Role- or User-Based
Build teams made of roles, individual users, or both. Tie roles to the shift calendar to ensure coverage.
Message Recall
Past Conversation Access
Users that are newly added to a Team can view historical conversations.
Secure Messaging
‘Request to Join’ a Team
Staff can request and be added to a team without an admin’s assistance (account setting).
Secure Messaging
‘Leave Team’ Option
Members can leave a team when they’re no longer needed (account setting)
Secure Messaging
Set controls and policies around Teams to prevent abuses and maintain efficiencies.

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