Physiologic Monitors: Alarm Management & Event Notification

Manage Alarms & Events More Effectively

Intelligently route context-rich notifications from physiological monitors, medical devices, and clinical systems to the TigerConnect platform using configurable, rules-based clinical workflow.

FDA-cleared Class II medical device for secondary alarm & alert notification

TigerConnect’s alarm management and event notification middleware delivers a modern, cyber-secure platform with intuitive capabilities for building workflows and making staff assignments. Easy to configure and maintain, the solution streamlines the alarm management process while reducing operating and support costs.

Rules-based, configurable workflow design

Prioritize notifications and assignments using an intuitive, rules-based workflow builder, supporting multi-level escalation paths, alarming criteria, and notification preferences.

Context-rich messaging empowers caregivers with easy-to-read, actionable notification of alarms right in the TigerConnect app anytime workflow conditions are met.

Notifications can be acknowledged and acted upon, and should the caregiver be busy, the alarm notification will automatically escalate to the next care team member in real-time.

When alarms are critical

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Context-rich notifications
See patient name, location, precautions, alert priority, and alarm limits in notifications.


Reject workflows when unable to respond – automatic escalations alert the next appropriate care team member.


Reduced alarm fatigue & enhanced patient safety
Decreased nuisance alarms and clinical interruptions significantly reduces alarm fatigue while enhancing patient safety.

Physiological monitor alarm management features

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Flexible Assignment Client

Perform role- or schedule-based assignments with a simple drag-and-drop option.

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Intuitive Workflow Builder

Easily create customized clinical workflows through a flexible, rules-based interface.

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Unlimited Escalation Levels

Escalate requests to multiple levels – a feature unique to TigerConnect.

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Alarm Suspend Feature

Suspend alarms for a configurable amount of time, allowing for self-correction before being sent.

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Save IT teams time and effort with easy configuration and administrative capabilities.

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Reporting & Analytics

Manage continuous process improvement with multi-faceted reporting for patient safety, alarm fatigue, and more.

High availability/system redundancy

Keep teams productive in the event of a hardware failure with TigerConnect’s high availability solution, which provides a fully redundant application-level automatic failover capability ensuring minimal downtime and disruptions.

Critical lab results

Accelerate patient throughput with real-time notifications of labs and radiology results from any system with IHE standard output (EHR, CPOE), enabling improved patient care and staff communication.

Alarm management integrations

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Physiological Monitors

Consume alarm information from all types of monitors regardless of vendor.

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Clinical Surveillance

Use our pre-built Capsule integration to enable early detection of patient deterioration.

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Smart Bed Integration

Prevent falls and manage beds more effectively with real-time alarms and alerts.

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