Integrate Hospital Communication Systems

Hospitals & Medical Centers

Integrate communication systems to reduce burnout, streamline workflows, and improve patient safety

The Need for Hospital Communication Modernization

Many hospitals and medical centers are plagued by increasing costs, government mandates, and personnel shortages that affect their bottom line. Addressing these challenges often makes budget unavailable for modernizing communication, leaving care teams with antiquated technology like pagers, spreadsheets, and overhead PA systems which can affect care quality and patient safety. TigerConnect offers a cost-effective way for hospitals to integrate and modernize communication systems, enabling staff to:
  • Instantly deliver critical patient data where it’s needed
  • Improve patient safety and satisfaction
  • Manage alarms and reduce nurse burnout
  • Make physician scheduling easy and accessible
  • Reduce patient readmissions

Use Cases & Workflows for Hospitals & Medical Centers

Rapid Response Team Activation & ED Throughput
Instantly alert teams with group messaging to accelerate care coordination in urgent and emergency situations.
Role & Schedule-Based Messaging
Integrate with scheduling tools, and message care team members by role, ensuring the right information gets to the right person at the right time.
STAT Lab Request

Accelerate acquisition of test results and new orders for STAT labs.

Reduce Alarm Fatigue
Integrate with nurse call systems for intelligent routing of alerts, providing context around critical events to RNs while sending patient requests to nurse assistants.
Patient Follow-up Post-Discharge

Securely text follow-up instructions to patients after discharge and respond to status updates from patients, family members, and home health staff.

Request for Discharge Orders
Expedite the process of discharging patients by quickly resolving logistical and care plan issues that typically cause delays.

TigerConnect: Healthcare’s Most Integrated Communication Platform

TigerConnect seamlessly replaces outdated tools and integrates with existing critical systems like EHRs, nurse call, physician scheduling, and patient monitoring devices to improve both communication and workflows among care teams. Built for healthcare, TigerConnect makes collaborating by text, voice, and video easy for care providers, leading to improved care quality and higher patient satisfaction.

Temple Health cuts pager costs 92% while reducing sepsis mortality

See how integrating TigerConnect with the EHR reduced response times and led to a 30-40% drop in the sepsis mortality rate while reducing pager costs.

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