7 Ways TigerConnect Keeps Care Delivery Flowing During System Outages and Downtime

Discover how TigerConnect ensures seamless care delivery even amidst system outages and downtime.

Learn How TigerConnect Keeps Care Delivery Flowing During System Failures

Protect your patients and your hospital during system outages and downtime with TigerConnect

Whether it’s a cyberattack or unplanned downtime, healthcare organizations must keep communication open during outages so patient safety doesn’t suffer during system failures.

TigerConnect doesn’t stop working…even when your system does. With 99.995% uptime reliability, TigerConnect provides a secure channel to keep communication flowing and care coordination aligned when EHR service interruptions strike.

With TigerConnect, healthcare organizations can securely communicate through text, voice, and video to continue care collaboration during system outages. Avoid potential liability and guard your patients’ safety by planning ahead. Download the article to explore 7 ways healthcare organizations can leverage TigerConnect and keep the lines of communication open during a crisis.