Resident Scheduling Software

Save Time Creating Annual Rotation Schedules

Streamline resident and block rotation schedules for new and returning interns, residents, and fellows.

Simple, yet powerful, modern resident scheduling unleashed

Simple, yet powerful,
modern resident scheduling unleashed

Save time and reduce complexity when creating resident block schedules or monthly schedules with modern, SaaS-based, TigerConnect Resident Scheduling software. Chief Residents and program leaders no longer have to rely on time-consuming spreadsheets or archaic provider scheduling solutions to create annual resident schedules.

Reduce resident burnout with fair rotation schedules

Reduce resident burnout with fair rotation schedules

Keep your medical student interns, multi-year residents and fellows satisfied with a schedule that promotes fair and balanced assignments. Track assignments by tally count to maintain and not exceed resident duty hour limits set by ACGME.

Modern Features of TigerConnect Resident Scheduling

Group Messaging
Schedule from Anywhere

Easily create and update blocks, rotations, and schedules across all residents in real-time with a modern, cloud-native UI that is always available.

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Flexible Blocks to Meet Your
Resident Scheduling Needs

Eliminate the pain and frustration of schedule creation. Customize block levels, durations, date ranges, and customize tracks as needed.

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Gain Instant Visibility into All
Resident Rotation Schedules

Create, assign, and color-code rotations and on-call assignments for easy visibility by residents and care teams.

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Ensure Coverage While Remaining Compliant

Quickly apply custom rules to ensure vacation, rest, floats and on-call compliance requirements are achieved.

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Track Assignments

Monitor and ensure residents have inpatient and outpatient rotations assigned throughout the entire year, Be confident that staffing requirements and tally targets are defined and met.

Optimize resident scheduling, improve staff well-being

Optimize resident scheduling, improve staff well-being

Learn the benefits of a residency program scheduling tool that helps you quickly generate your annual schedule so you can focus on improving your program’s productivity and success. Download the datasheet to learn what a feature-rich and modern resident scheduling solution looks like.

Combine resident and physician schedules in one solution

Combine resident and physician schedules in one solution

TigerConnect Resident Scheduling and TigerConnect Physician Scheduling SaaS software solutions share a familiar interface that helps schedulers build and integrate resident and physician schedules quickly. By combining the power of these solutions, you can easily transform your clinical enterprise with one source of truth for shift and on-call schedules. When coupled, clinics and hospitals can save time and increase visibility by viewing all assignments in one calendar view.

Streamline care team communications, improve resident care delivery

Streamline care team communications, improve resident care delivery

Timely communication is at the center of great patient care. By integrating with TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform, Residents can quickly reach the right staff. See staff roles, schedules, who is on-call across departments, and who has received your message and is responding – all in real-time. Combined with TigerConnect Patient Engagement, residents can contact patients securely and easily from their desktop or mobile device.

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TigerConnect Resident Scheduling

TigerConnect Resident Scheduling enables chief residents to build schedules from anywhere, reduces the time it takes to create annual resident schedules, and ensures compliance with rotation time requirements, keeping residents productive and prepared for their next rotation.

Product Video

What is TigerConnect Physician Scheduling?

TigerConnect Physician Scheduling is built to help you automate the creation of your shift and on-call schedules. Watch the video to learn how your organization can benefit from a flexible, easy-to-use solution.

Video Testimonial

Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare

Salinas’ staff knew that they needed a secure communication and collaboration solution to improve communication and to improve care, but that could also handle physician scheduling needs. Salinas settled on TigerConnect for its message receipt, connectivity to its EHR, broadcast list capabilities, and more.

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