Alarm Management & Event Notification Software

Alarm Management & Event Notification Software

Actionable Notifications at the Point of Care

Optimize your care delivery through configurable, rule-based workflow, easy staff assignments, and smarter notifications

Increase Responsiveness & Reduce Alarm Fatigue

TigerConnect Alarm Management & Event Notification interfaces with nurse call systems, physiological monitors, EHR/critical lab results, smart beds, and more to acquire alarms, events, and values. Using a configurable workflow, context-rich notifications are routed to the appropriate caregiver. As an integrated component of the TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Software Platform, the solution offers a wide range of use cases for healthcare organizations of any size.

One Solution, Many Use Cases

Self-Service System Administration & Configuration

Our powerful assignment client and rules-based workflow builder is easy-to-use and offers unparalleled flexibility for orchestrating clinical workflow, staff and device assignment, and system administration.

Uses intelligent routing that enables staff to perform at top-of-license and reduces RN requests for assistance (interruptions) for which support staff are better suited and can perform at lower costs to the hospital.


Context-Rich Notifications & Escalations

TigerConnect Alarm Management & Event Notification intelligently routes actionable alarms to caregivers on their mobile devices. If there is no response to an alarm within a preset amount of time, it will be escalated to another care team member. The assignments and workflow builder enable routing and escalation of alerts that are infinitely configurable.

CyberSecure, Scalable & Highly Deployable

TigerConnect Alarm Management & Event Notification is a cyber-secure, FDA Class II Medical Device for Secondary Alert Notification. The solution conforms to industry best practices of distributed, multi-tenant architecture and features full extensibility and scalability. The system’s software as a service (SaaS) avoids large capital outlays, helping IT teams to reduce annual operating costs.

Achieve Real ROI

TigerConnect integrates with your hospital systems to break down information silos and push patient data to care teams the moment it becomes available.

“We wanted to make sure we were getting the right information to the right people at the right times. TigerConnect enabled quick notifications, updates, and patient needs are addressed promptly.”

Catherine Sapp, BSN, RN,

Executive Director, Avita Home Health & Hospice

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