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Improve Patient Outcomes with Better Care Team Coordination

TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform enables medical care teams and staff to communicate via secure texting, voice and video chat.

7,000+ Healthcare Organizations of All Sizes Rely on TigerConnect

Healthcare’s Most Powerful Clinical Communication & Collaboration Solution

TigerConnect's clinical collaboration software platform, built for the way you work

Seamless Communication

HIPAA-compliant communication via video, voice, and text.

Custom Teams

Instantly collaborate with pre-defined teams consisting of the appropriate on-call roles.

Interoperable & 100% cloud-based

System integrations ensure the right information is routed to the right providers at the right time.

Role-Based Scheduling

Functional roles auto-populate from your physician schedules.

Easily Find Who’s On Call

Scheduling integration makes it easy to find on-call providers, even if you don’t know their name.

Patient Engagement Made Easy

Connect with patients and family members, no patient app required. Manage virtual visits and reminders.
Secure Healthcare Communication Collaboration Solutions

See TigerConnect in Action and See How It Can Tailored for Your Needs

See TigerConnect in Action and See How It Can Tailored for Your Needs 7,000+ healthcare organizations of all sizes trust TigerConnect

Secure Healthcare Communication & Collaboration

TigerConnect's clinical collaboration software platform, securely communicate across care teams and shifts with secure text, video, voice, and real-time alerts.


Enhance Communication with Premium Features

Enhance your TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform experience with premium add-on features such as Message Archiving, Click-to-Call, answering service or pager integration, and Premium Support.

Discoverable Teams for Mobilization & Collaboration

With TigerConnect’s TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Software Platform, quickly activate TigerConnect Teams such as Rapid Response (RRT) and code for emergent situations. Designated staff can locate and mobilize teams from the directory. Teams can be made up of individuals, roles or both to ensure coverage.

Real-Time Alarms & Alerts

Intelligently route context-rich clinical notifications from 3rd-party systems to TigerConnect’s Clinical Collaboration Software Platform. Automatically send results and relevant patient data from the EHR for care teams to collaborate in a single endpoint. Reduce alarm fatigue and distractions by routing alerts and alarms from nurse call systems and telemetry equipment to the appropriate caregiver.

Coordinate Care Via Voice & Video

Reach colleagues live with Wi-Fi-based voice and video calling. Engage multiple members of the care team for check-in or connect with remote employees for virtual consults. TigerConnect’s cloud-based SIP PBX integration connects directly with your telephony system to streamline communication and reduce hardware costs with TigerConnect’s Clinical Collaboration Platform.

Full Administrative Control

Maintain complete control over users, settings, and security policies through TigerConnect’s’ comprehensive administrative console. Quickly onboard users individually, by CSV upload, or through LDAP/Active Directory, and immediately revoke access for lost or stolen devices.

Improve Your Care Team Collaboration, Coordination and Productivity.

HIPAA-Compliant Messaging

Share sensitive information between colleagues with messaging that facilitates HIPAA-compliance and is HITRUST-certified for data security.

Cloud-Based Software

Cloud-based software syncs across all devices making communication possible from anywhere, at any time.

Robust Messaging Features

Mark high-priority messages that specify a unique alert for instant differentiation, letting your team know instant action is required.

Robust, Easy-to-Use Messaging Features

TigerConnect's clinical collaboration software platform, protects patient information, improves workflows, accelerates response times and streamlines care team clinical collaboration.


Secure Messaging & Workflow Features

Roles and Scheduling Integration:

Accelerate Workflows and Response Times

Saving time saves lives, quickly get the right message to the right person or critical response team.

Achieve Real ROI

TigerConnect integrates with your hospital systems to break down information silos and push patient data to care teams the moment it becomes available.

"We were able to bring our monthly paging bill down from over $12,000 a month to just a little bit over $1,000 a month. So right there, we had a big financial impact."

Joe Alfonsi, Director of Temple Access Center

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