TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Advanced Integrations

Healthcare Communications Interoperability

A single Interoperability engine to connect care teams, patients, and data

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Integrated data – mobile-friendly and instantly actionable

Physicians and nurses are getting crushed under a system that prioritizes data entry over patient care. TigerConnect Integrations help reverse this trend by merging only the most critical, relevant, and timely system data – EHR, nurse call, physiological monitors, labs, and imaging – within a single, mobile-friendly clinical communications app where it can be acted upon. No wasted time in the EHR, just better outcomes for patients and higher productivity

Your entire health system on one cloud-based communication platform

TigerConnect Integrations enable healthcare organizations to expand beyond the four walls of a single facility to provide an easy, seamless platform for team communication and care coordination across the hall or across the state. Try doing that with your EHR.

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Integrations make critical data instantly accessible

TigerConnect’s API interfaces with your critical hospital systems to break down the information silos and push patient data to the smartphone – the moment it becomes available – from a wide range of systems, including:

  • EHR
  • Nurse Call Systems
  • Physiological Monitors
  • Scheduling Solutions
  • VoIP / PBX / Video & Voice
  • Radiology & Lab
  • Paging
  • HL7 Interface Engines
  • Answering Service
  • LDAP / Active Directory
  • SAML / Single Sign-On

“Efficient and Dependable”

“Pretty much glitch-free and dependable. Easy to use and virtually no training needed.”

— Kim S. , Manager at GI Specialists of Georgia

Integrations to power your workflows

Increase the value of your Clinical Collaboration Platform deployment with powerful clinical workflow integrations.

Patient data that flows

Clinical integrations like those from EHR and nurse call systems move notifications, images, lab results, and other vital data from system to smartphone at lightspeed. Connect with your EHRnurse calltelemetry monitoring equipmentlabsscheduling systems, and other solutions to save steps and speed up workflow

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With an open API and an architecture that’s 100% cloud-based, TigerConnect makes EHR data instantly accessible and actionable. Broadly available to clinical and non-clinical staff across facility types, TigerConnect acts as a health system’s single communication layer even when different EHRs are in use.

Real-time, mobile-friendly alerts with customized data sets and formats help teams spend less time in the EHR and more time making a difference for patients.

Nurse call system integration

TigerConnect Integrations provide relief by sending real-time alerts from any nurse call system to RNs or allied health roles anywhere in the hospital. Key details and alert-type indicators let nurses prioritize requests or activate specific teams for the appropriate response.

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rules based configurable workflow design

Physiological monitor integration

TigerConnect consumes alert and alarm notifications from physiological monitors, prioritizes them and, if they are actionable, intelligently routes the notifications to an assigned care team. The modern, intuitive interface for designing workflows and assignments eases configuration, reducing operating and support costs.

PBX integration

Through an integration with the hospital’s PBX system, nurses can receive and respond to nurse call alerts in real-time by speaking to patients directly through a bedside speaker or phone, expediting response times and saving wasted trips across the hospital unit.

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Third-party integration engines

Good apps need good data. That’s why TigerConnect Integrations offers direct connections to healthcare’s leading interface engines. With an accessible API, developer-friendly SDK, and a seasoned Professional Services team, TigerConnect will help you develop data profiles and custom configurations that map to your unique clinical and operational workflows.

Our open API makes it easy

TigerConnect’s accessible API means we play nicely with a wide range of third-party systems. Our pre-built code libraries, developer resources, solution design experts, and help from our integration partners make it easy to integrate with virtually any third-party system.

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Integrations with HR, nurse call, physiological monitors and more

ehr integration

EHR Integration

Make EHR data instantly accessible and actionable with configurable real-time alerts.

nurse call

Nurse Call Integration

Intelligently route prioritized nurse call alerts to the assigned RN or allied health professional.

alarm management

Alarm Management

Instantly route physiological alarms to the assigned nurse.

critical labs critical response workflows healthcare

Critical Lab Results

Automatically distribute lab results the moment they’re available for more informed collaboration.

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Image Results

Receive and share hi-res MRIs, CTs, and more with zoom and markup capabilities

Wireless Bed

Smart Bed Notification

Real-time monitoring of smart bed parameters, expediting fall risk notifications.

“Greatest Product Out There”

“TigerConnect is by far an excellent product and one of the best out there. They support their product and are always looking for ways to improve it. I highly recommend it to all of my clients.”

—Ann C., Operations Manager at Central Communications, Inc.

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Operational integrations

They may not be flashy, but operational integrations can be a lifesaver of a different kind by helping teams work smarter and be more responsive to patients. Connect your scheduling system, answering service, paging directory, single sign-on (SSO) solution, and others to optimize the efforts of allied health professionals.

LDAP / Active Directory

Simple but powerful, LDAP or Active Directory integrations make it easy to work at scale. Onboard large numbers of users quickly and automatically manage their access to TigerConnect through a single database. Save time as employee updates in the corporate directory are instantly reflected in TigerConnect.

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SAML Authentication & Single Sign-On (SSO)

Logging in over and over isn’t just a drag on productivity, it’s a drag, period. TigerConnect Integrations include an easy-to-use SAML feature that federates user credentials across applications and facilities while keeping logins secure and verified behind the firewall. This cuts down on security risks and repetitive logins to TigerConnect. TigerConnect supports Windows authentication as well as Imprivata’s Single Sign-On (SSO) for badge swipes and quick QR code logins, which is especially helpful when using shared mobile devices.