Physician Scheduling for Clinics

Physician Scheduling Software for Clinics

Automated Physician Scheduling for Clinics and Medical Groups

Easily create shift and on-call schedules for physician groups, clinics, or ambulatory practices.
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Built for Clinics and Specialty Groups of All Sizes

TigerConnect Physician Scheduling is designed to help clinics, physician groups and ambulatory practices of all sizes automate even the most complex schedules. Whether you have one location or multiple locations, you can easily create and share fair and balanced schedules for all doctors. Who we serve includes:

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Benefits of Using an Automated Physician Scheduling Tool for Clinics

Reduce Physician Burnout
Ensure fairness in shift and on-call assignments through sophisticated rules-based algorithms.
Increase Productivity
Physicians know exactly when they are scheduled. Clinic administrators can focus on improving operational efficiency and less on schedule creation.
Save Time and Money
Physicians, admins or schedulers no longer need to spend weekends creating or updating schedules.

Feature-Rich, Easy-to-Use Solution

Generate Custom Rules

Work alongside our team of scheduling experts to help you build custom rules that meet the needs of your clinic and keep your physicians satisfied.

Automated or Manual Scheduler

Create doctor on-call or shift assignments in under a minute. Create new assignments, add notes, or make updates in real-time with the Manual Scheduler.

Request Time-Off or Swap Shifts

Physicians can submit their vacation requests or swap shifts at their convenience using the physician scheduling mobile app.

Reduce Physician Burnout

Ensure fairness in shift and on-call assignments through sophisticated rules-based algorithms.

Ensure Fairness with Tally Reports

Tally reports help verify if doctor shifts or on-call schedules have been created with fairness in mind.

Approve or Edit via Mobile or Browser

Clinic Administrators or schedulers can approve or edit schedules through the mobile app or via the browser.

What Customers Are Saying About TigerConnect

“TigerConnect Physician Scheduling has allowed us to put the responsibility back on the doctors to manage their requests and follow the correct channels. It has really improved overall communication in our practice."

Dr. Robert Fishman, MD, Interventional Cardiologist

Cardiac Specialists

“We were able to take scheduling to a whole new level. At the clinic, we use it for providers on call and for tracking who's physically in the building. Now we know who’s here, who’s off, who’s here for half of a day, basically anything we need to know about the provider’s schedule.”

Pam Miller, Director of Operations
Alomere Health

“If your clinic takes calls from more than one hospital, TigerConnect Physician Scheduling will greatly enhance communication.”

Brad Rea, Practice Administrator

University of Kansas Health System Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

See How Much Time You Can Save With an Automated Physician Scheduling Solution

Manual scheduling is inefficient, time-consuming, and unproductive – impacting patient outcomes and contributing to doctor and staff burnout. With automated physician scheduling software, staff can turn complex spreadsheets into fair and balanced schedules, saving time and improving provider satisfaction.

Discover how much time your organization can save with the physician scheduling time-savings calculator.


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