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Unified Healthcare Communication Solution

Enterprise Health Systems

Unify and integrate communications across multiple departments and locations to reduce costs and risks.

The Need to Unify and Integrate Health System Communications

With rising costs, more regulations, higher staff and patient risks, and increasing threats by hackers and downtime, modernizing healthcare communication has never been more critical. In addition to meeting care team collaboration and patient engagement needs, large health systems have the additional challenge of unifying communication among multiple hospitals, clinics, and remote facilities.

TigerConnect has helped some of the nation’s largest health systems digitally transform and unify their communications, enabling them to:


  • Reduce coordination, response, and lab result times
  • Integrate with EHRs, nurse call, and scheduling
  • Instantly deliver critical data wherever it’s needed
  • Lower costs and gain higher ROI from existing systems
  • Improve patient and provider satisfaction

Use Cases & Workflows for Enterprise Health Systems

Connect the entire organization on a single communication platform

Centralize team communication so care teams can collaborate efficiently via text, voice, and video for faster, more effective patient treatment.

Lessen internal calls to operators

TigerConnect Physician Scheduling makes schedules easily accessible, reducing internal calls and patient wait times.


Integrate with EHRs & other hospital systems

Easily integrate TigerConnect with EHRs, nurse call, ADT, PACS, scheduling, and other systems for instant alerting and information.


Mitigate nurse call alarm fatigue

TigerConnect Alarm Management intelligently routes alerts from nurse call and patient monitoring systems to provide context and curtail unnecessary interruptions.

Make EHR data accessible while ensuring security

TigerConnect makes EHR information accessible and actionable from anywhere in real-time while ensuring data security.


Speed admissions, discharges & consults

TigerConnect redirects email-based alerts for admissions, discharges, and consult requests as text messages where they can be acted upon quickly.

Message by role & schedule

Message care team members by role and on-call schedule, ensuring the right information gets to the right person at the right time.

Lower readmissions with patient engagement

Securely follow-up with patients and family members via secure text, voice, and video to ensure care plan adherence.

Accelerate code response team activation

Alert teams with group messaging to reduce critical care team coordination time to seconds.

TigerConnect: Healthcare’s Scalable, Unified cCommunication Solution

By replacing outdated technology and integrating communication with EHRs, nurse call, physician scheduling, and patient monitoring tools, health systems can see tremendous ROI from TigerConnect’s robust clinical collaboration platform. Cloud-based, intuitive, fully secure, and boasting a 99.99% uptime, TigerConnect easily scales and is readily adopted across the healthcare ecosystem – by physicians, nurses, labs, staff, and patients.

Becker's Healthcare: Featuring St. Luke's University Health Network

Best practices webinar: St. Luke’s University Health Network implemented TigerConnect across their 12-hospital, 350-clinical location health system with outstanding results.


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