Secure Communication Software for Skilled Nursing Facilities

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Easing patient transitions while improving quality of care

Addressing challenges of skilled nursing facilities

Skilled nursing facilities face considerable challenges in an ever-changing environment. These include a shifting patient population, changes in healthcare regulations, and the transition to a value-based care system – not to mention keeping staff and residents safe during a pandemic or other crisis.. Oftentimes, poor communication can be the single largest barrier to improving patient care.

Some of the most common challenges skilled nursing facilities face include:

      • Lack of/incorrect information from hospitals around admissions, discharges, and transfers
      • High staffing and operating costs
      • Clinical and support staff turnover
      • Unsecured communications
      • Reducing medication errors
      • Patient and staff safety

The TigerConnect solution

For skilled nursing facilities, communication is key for outstanding transitional care. TigerConnect’s mobile messaging and communication software can help by improving staff coordination, enhancing workflows, and connecting with family members. Care providers and administrators at the SNF can better track admissions, quickly facilitate transfers and discharges, and coordinate with primary care providers and families. The specific, up-to-date information users need can be accessed and acted upon using TigerConnect, all while remaining HIPAA-compliant.

TigerConnect can help improve metrics related to:

  • Quality and timeliness of care
  • Readmission rates
  • Length of stay
  • Speed of admission, discharge, and transfer
  • Patient satisfaction

Skilled nursing facility workflows solved

Admission Discharge Transfer


Admission, discharge & transfer management

Review, gather and reconcile important patient information throughout transitions of care.

Patient Follow-up Post-Discharge


Patient follow-up post-discharge

Reach out to discharged patients via video, voice, or text message.

Admission Discharge Transfer


Fewer medical errors during patient transfers

Leverage group messaging and automated role assignments to ensure complete information – results, past conversations, consult recommendations.

Reduce Medication Errors


Reduce medication errors

Simplify existing complex medication regimens through the real-time, digital exchange of medication information and pharmacy orders. Receive text messages directly from the pharmacy for refills or prescription requests. Save time, reduce errors, and improve your team’s efficiency.

Avoid Rehospitalizations


Avoid rehospitalizations and improve clinical outcomes

Opening up communication between care providers, residents, and family members can provide immediate responses to issues that are easily treatable. Consistent consults and communication keep residents on the path to healing.

Improve Clinical Documentation


Improve clinical documentation

Clinical documentation is the cornerstone of reimbursement. Not having the right supportive information can cost you dearly in the future and affect your overall rating. With regulations constantly changing, capturing documentation is crucial. Keep all your communication in one place.

Radically Better Clinical Communications

Radically Better Clinical Communications

Use cases for accelerating workflows and care collaboration

In this brochure, discover how optimizing clinical communication can streamline workflows and drive positive outcomes in critical scenarios including, among others, skilled nursing, transitions of care, ED transport, and patient discharge.

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