Physician Collaboration

A Better Way for Physicians to Connect and Collaborate

Reach staff instantly, get real-time results, see schedules, and collaborate better

TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform

TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform

Coordinate care faster, across the organization

Stay productive with instant access to staff, patients, and data. Break down silos, speed up consult requests, access EHR data, and update patient records from your phone.

Solve challenging physician workflows

Group Messaging
Get Faster Results

Instantly text or call the right specialist by name or role. Eliminate phone tag using a simple text message.

Group Messaging
Receive Critical Results

Reduce EHR logins with real-time, labs, images, and results in a collaborative, message-friendly format.

Group Messaging
Activate Code Teams

Bring together critical team members to reach the bedside faster in emergent situations.

Systems integrations

Access data from any system

Make treatment decisions faster with EHR access and automated alerts for critical labs and results. Save steps by updating patient records from your smartphone and automate workflows for stroke, STEMI, and sepsis.

Temple University Health System

Discover how Temple Health lowered sepsis mortality by 30-40 percent.

TigerConnect Physician Scheduling

TigerConnect Physician Scheduling

Automate on-call schedules

Always know who’s on call and swap shifts from your smartphone with just a few taps. Integrate with roles to automate shift assignments and distribute call schedules equally. Build an entire year’s schedule in under a minute.

TigerConnect Patient Engagement

TigerConnect Patient Engagement

Easily reach patients and families

Simplify the way you connect and communicate with patients. App-free experience for patients makes it easy and reduces phone tag. Switch easily between clinical and patient communications.

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