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Patient Engagement Software

A Faster, More Efficient Way to Communicate with Patients

Connect with patients & caregivers via secure video, voice or text. No patient app required

Patient Engagement Software Boosts Patient & Staff Satisfaction, Reduce No-Show Rates & Increase Revenue

Patient Engagement software enables you to reach patients & caregivers before, during, and after their visit. Improve no-show rates through automated patient-appointment reminders. Reduce staff burden by collecting intake prior to their visit — virtual or in-person.  Improve patient outcomes and care plan adherence by following up after their visit via secure text message.


Patient Engagement Software

Eliminate Phone Tag, No Patient Apps Or Passwords

TigerConnect Patient Engagement Platform Software improves patient-to-provider communication by removing portal complexity. Patients simply click an SMS link into a secure, encrypted conversation. Easily receive and share updates and allow patients to engage and ask questions. Send or receive attachments or images. Clinicians can respond when it’s convenient and while on the go.

Patient Engagement Software

Connect with Patients Through Video, Voice or Text

Effortlessly engage patients, family and caregivers and let them text back. Send appointment reminders and collect intake documents prior to a visit. Keep loved ones updated throughout a procedure. Drive post-visit care plan adherence with regular follow-ups and educational materials.

Patient Engagement Software

TigerConnect Welcome Lobby: Triage in-Person & Virtual Patient Encounters

Enable patient engagement and initiated outreach and manage appointments through the TigerConnect Welcome Lobby.

Patients enter the virtual lobby through a publicly available link to schedule appointments, discuss general inquiries, or check in for an upcoming appointment. Staff can view and prioritize the active patient queue, update statuses, and notify providers when a patient is ready. For safer in-office visits, patients can remotely check in from your parking lot.

Patient Engagement Software

Your Pocket Guide to Virtual Healthcare

Still new to telehealth? Our pocket information guide is packed with insights into the benefits of a patient engagement solution. Discover how physicians, providers, staff, and patients can communicate better through video, voice, and text in one, easy-to-use solution.

Patient Engagement Software

Conduct Real-Time Video Visits

For many patients, coordinating a visit to the doctor is a difficult task or may not be possible. TigerConnect’s virtual care capabilities bring convenience to patients and caregivers by making it easy to meet face-to-face with care managers, specialists, and primary care physicians across locations right from a smartphone or laptop.

Whether a patient is in a hospital room, an urgent care center, or at home, telehealth sessions allow care team partners to participate in group video or phone calls with key providers to share information or reach a consensus around treatment options.


Patient Engagement Software

Seamless EHR Integration

Integrate directly with your EHR for powerful workflow automation. Automatically sync patient lists for immediate outreach, including friends, family, and caregivers.

Automatically synchronize appointments from your EHR with configurable reminders that are delivered to your patients using secure text messages. This feature minimizes missed appointments which have a direct correlation to patient results and revenue.


Patient Engagement Software

A Single App for All Collaboration

Having your clinical collaboration and patient engagement solutions under one app does more than just allow for easy access. TigerConnect’s provider and patient networks enhance each other through crossover functionality. No matter the organization type – hospital, clinic, or physician group – providers can be easily added to a patient conversation including case managers, specialists, and primary care physicians. Messages can also be forwarded from a patient conversation directly to a care team member on the provider network.

Your Logo. Our Platform.

Build trust with patients through a branded, mobile-friendly, patient texting interface that features your organization’s name and logo. Branded notifications let recipients know the message is from a reputable, familiar sender.

The Upside of Patient Conversations

Direct, secure, easy-to-use patient communication leads to range of better outcomes, including:


Download the TigerConnect Patient Engagement Software Datasheet

Stop phoning patients who don’t pick up and text instead to remind them of appointments, procedures, and more. Converse 1-on-1 or in groups and engage specialists at a moment’s notice. Patient messaging saves time and headaches for staff and helps patients get faster answers and more convenient treatment.

Achieve Real ROI

TigerConnect integrates with your hospital systems to break down information silos and push patient data to care teams the moment it becomes available.

“We wanted to make sure we were getting the right information to the right people at the right times. TigerConnect enabled quick notifications, updates, and patient needs are addressed promptly.”

Catherine Sapp, BSN, RN,

Executive Director, Avita Home Health & Hospice

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