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Maximize operating room efficiency to improve patient throughput and resource orchestration using TigerConnect.

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Streamline Surgical Communication to Maximize OR Productivity

Operating Room Workflows Improved with TigerConnect

Systematizing operating room workflows increases efficiency and coordination, leading to improved outcomes for patients and care teams.

Operating Room Transitions

Accelerate OR turnover times to increase capacity and gain revenue

Simplify OR transitions by decreasing delays in patient perioperative movement, first case start times, and room turnover time using TigerConnect to collaborate with real-time messaging.


OR Transitions Workflow Comparison Infographic

Intra-Op Request

Decrease care delays with automated role-based messaging.

Clinicians can reduce the time spent trying to reach surgeons in the OR for urgent situations with TigerConnect automatic responses and message forwarding.

Patient Reminders

Reduce no-shows and improve patient satisfaction with TigerConnect automatic patient reminders.

Communicate with patients about their upcoming surgery and request appointment confirmations.


Improving Communication and Patient Engagement

Patient & Family Member Communication

Keep family members up to date on their loved ones. Communicate with patients on post op instructions.

Send automatic scheduling reminders to patients, finalize pre-appointment paperwork, etc.

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Engaging Patients Across the Care Cycle with Patient Engagement Solutions

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Seamless Communication

HIPAA-compliant communication across the hall and across the health system.

Automated Appointment Reminders

Notify patients of upcoming appointments and request confirmation to reduce no-shows and improve patient and care team satisfaction.

Interoperable & 100% Coud-Based

System integrations ensure the right information is routed to the right providers at the right time.

Post Op Instruction/Care Follow up

Easily communicate with patients post-op to reduce complications and readmissions.

Photos, Videos, & File Attachments

Send and receive images, videos, and voice recordings from the phone or cloud storage apps.

Real-Time Patient Data

Get real time, context-rich patient alerts and securely communicate patient information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions about operating room workflows, answered.

How can optimizing operation room workflows increase revenue?

Faster OR transitions lead to increased OR capacity. Using TigerConnect, hospitals can improve first case start times to under 5 minutes and reduce room turnover time after surgery is complete, thus increasing surgical caseload. If OR capacity is improved by just 0.5% per 20,000 cases, additional revenue can be estimated at $116,000.

How can the TigerConnect solution improve patient engagement regarding surgeries?

TigerConnect can send appointment reminders to patients, reducing the likelihood of missed appointments or delays in care. It can enable two-way communication between patients and their care team, allowing patients to ask questions, raise concerns, and receive timely responses. Clinicians can also use TigerConnect to follow up with patients after their surgery, ensuring that they are recovering well and addressing any concerns they may have.

How can hospitals reduce OR turnover times?

TigerConnect can help speed OR turnover times by improving communication and collaboration between different members of the surgical team, automating task assignments, and providing real-time alerts for equipment and supply availability. With secure messaging and care team collaboration, surgical teams can communicate more efficiently and effectively, reducing delays caused by miscommunication or inadequate staffing.