Administrative & Security Controls

Easy Administration, Serious Security

HIPAA-compliant and HITRUST-certified, TigerConnect is encrypted to industry standards to ensure sensitive patient information remains safe and secure. MDM-compatible and backed by a $1 million dollar guarantee against HIPAA breaches, TigerConnect offers a host of configurable security settings.

Security controls

The HITRUST CSF-certified TigerConnect solution protects sensitive patient information through robust encryption and security capabilities. TigerConnect exceeds the requirements set by the Joint Commission regarding HIPAA, providing organizations with full control over security policy enforcement and remote user management for compromised devices. MDM-compatible and backed by a $1 million dollar guarantee against HIPAA breaches, TigerConnect offers a host of configurable security settings.

Client-Hosted Archiving

Message Archiving

Retain searchable, archived copies of outgoing messages for discovery purposes. TigerConnect or client-hosted options.

Self-Destructing / Ephemeral Messages

Self-Destructing Messages

Limit the risk of breaches with messages that automatically and permanently delete after a maximum of 30 days (unless archived).

Single-Touch Identification

Device-Level Protections

Take security to the next level with fingerprint and face ID capabilities to further protect access to the app and sensitive patient information.

PIN Lock Enforcement

Mobile PIN Locks

Add a layer of security with enforceable PIN locks set by administrators with timeouts ranging from one minute to four hours.

Remote User Lockout

Remote User Lockout

Protect against lost or stolen devices with remote lockout capabilities. Revoke access for former employees with just a few clicks.

Administrative controls

TigerConnect provides a full-featured administrative console supporting user onboarding and management, roles configuration, premium feature enablement, trend-tracking, and security policy enforcement. The administrative console is accessible from within the TigerConnect Web Messenger or Desktop app, and admin rights are assigned and controlled by the organization.

User Management

User Management

Cloud-based architecture makes it easy to quickly add or remove users. Support for LDAP/Active Directory and .csv uploads saves time and gets users up and running fast.

Broadcast Messaging Configuration

Broadcast Messaging Configuration

Send mass notifications to specific teams, departments, or the whole organization using groups set up and managed by IT.

Authentication (SAML)

Authentication (SAML)

Federate user credentials across applications while keeping logins secure and verified behind the firewall for stronger security and faster logins.

Automated & Customizable Welcome Email

Automated & Customizable Welcome Email

Help new users get up and running fast with a customizable welcome email featuring your organization’s logo plus any special instructions.

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