Buyer Comparison Checklist:​

TigerConnect Clinical
Collaboration Platform

The Rise of Clinical Collaboration Platforms

This all-in-one checklist – key features, competitive comparisons, and glossary – was created to help you, the healthcare technology buyer, to make a more informed buying decision when evaluating a clinical collaboration platform purchase. The cost of choosing the wrong solution can be high, both financially and organizationally.

The role of a communication platform is evolving and expanding to encompass a wider range of capabilities beyond simple secure texting, and there’s a lot to consider. Today’s solutions are highly integrated with existing hospital systems, including the EHR, nurse call, physiologic monitors, labs, scheduling solutions, and more.

With this checklist, you should have a good idea of the value that a Clinical Collaboration Platform solution can bring, why your organization needs it, and how it can help transform your organization.