Physician Scheduling Software for Healthcare & Hospitals

Physician Scheduling Software

Automated, Real-time Shift & On-call Scheduling Software for Healthcare

Save time, reduce burnout and increase staff productivity with a modern physician scheduling software built for hospitals, clinics, and ambulatory practices.

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How Does TigerConnect Physician Scheduling work? Watch the Video!

Discover how you can save time with easy-to-use shift and on-call physician scheduling software.

The automated scheduling engine will create your schedule in minutes – with physician time-off requests, preferences, custom rules, and holiday calendars in mind. Watch to learn how you can move away from archaic systems or spreadsheets to improve your clinic or hospital physician scheduling process.

Key Features of TigerConnect Physician Scheduling

Custom Rule Builders

Reduce complexity by creating custom rules to help automate your schedules.

Automated Scheduling

Save time by generating accurate and fair schedules in minutes via the Auto Scheduler.

Request Time-Off & Swaps

Easily manage vacation and day-off requests. Allow providers to request and approve assignment swaps.

Patient Reschedules

Automatically block, freeze, and cancel patient appointments when time off requests are approved.

Custom and Merged Views

View customized daily/weekly/monthly calendars by individual or department.

Tally Reports

Verify fairness in shift assignments, including tallies for days off and holidays.
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TigerConnect Physician Scheduling Datasheet

Download our easy-to-read datasheet for a quick overview of the benefits and features that can help put your on-call scheduling program on the fast track.


See How Much Time You Can Save With an Automated Scheduling Software for Healthcare Professionals

Manual scheduling is inefficient, time-consuming, and unproductive – impacting patient outcomes and contributing to doctor and staff burnout. With automated physician scheduling software, staff can turn complex spreadsheets into fair and balanced schedules, saving time and improving provider satisfaction.

Discover how much time your organization can save with the physician scheduling time-savings calculator.

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educe burnout with a medical scheduler software for healthcare

Reduce Burnout and Improve Physician Well-Being With Equitable Schedules

TigerConnect Physician Scheduling’s rules-engine algorithm removes the stress on schedulers by intelligently automating the schedule-building process to ensure shifts are fairly distributed among doctors. Empower physicians to request time-off or submit changes on the mobile app from anywhere. Verify fairness in assignment distribution across your group or department by creating Tally Reports.

Drive Productivity With Provider Scheduling and Clinical Collaboration – All On the Same Platform

When integrated with the TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform, nurses, providers, and staff can securely and instantly reach the right provider by individual or clinical role.  Physicians can instantly communicate scheduling changes, coordinate time-off requests, and see future shift assignments on one, integrated, mobile-friendly platform.


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medical scheduler software that brings automation & ease to doctor scheduling

Mobile-Friendly for Real-Time Changes and Updates

Forget the whiteboards and printed spreadsheets, TigerConnect Physician Scheduling’s shift and on-call software makes the calendar instantly accessible from practically anywhere. Receive automated reminder notifications, send sick day and time-off requests, and easily swap assignments.


Create Resident Block and Rotation Schedules with Ease

Simplify the creation of annual block and rotation schedules, while ensuring duty hour rule compliance and program requirements are being met.
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TigerConnect Physician Scheduling

Take a self-guided tour to see how automated scheduling with a modern, easy-to-use interface can save time, reduce burden on schedulers, and improve clinical workflows.

Achieve Real ROI

TigerConnect integrates with your hospital systems to break down information silos and push patient data to care teams the moment it becomes available.

93% of Customers Confirm They Would Repurchase TigerConnect Physician Scheduling

According to the KLAS Research First Look Report

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