Introducing TigerText for iPad

Bigger doesn’t always mean better. However, for TigerText, bigger now means a new and improved TigerText app for the iPad. In other words, bigger…and better!

After observing and listening to TigerTexters, we know that many of our users have multiple devices including an iPad. The iPad’s bigger screen makes it easier to process larger amounts of information at one time while the light form factor and improved battery life enable mobility. Whether you are reviewing a board presentation, analyzing a patient chart, or coordinating a product launch with multiple text conversations, TigerText for iPad offers an additional way to make working securely more mobile and accessible.

Here are some of the new features that make TigerText even better on the iPad:

1.) Double pane viewing – The double-pane utilizes screen space much more effectively making it faster to start new conversations and jump between existing threads.


2.) Apple Document Picker – Quickly attach files from popular cloud storage services like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneCloud and Apple’s iCloud to any TigerText message.


3.) Organization Selector – Securely communicate with coworkers in different organizations by simply selecting an organization from the drop-down selector.


We hope you enjoy using the new TigerText for iPad app as much as we enjoyed designing and building it. And of course, we always value your feedback about the app – what you like, what you hate, new features you’d like to see – it only helps us build a better product for you going forward. We’re continuously looking for ways to make it easier for TigerTexters to work more efficiently and securely, and we look forward to expanding on these efforts in the new year.