How to get your on-call schedules into Outlook 2007

Get your physician on-call schedule into your Outlook calendar with an iCal link that will keep your family Outlook schedule current!

What is iCal (internet calendar) and why should you care?

Internet Calendars also referred to as iCal, are calendars that are shared through the Internet. These calendars are based upon a global Internet standard that allows calendar information to be exchanged between people regardless of the application that is used to create or view the information.

There are two types of Internet Calendars for Outlook — Calendar Snapshots and Internet Calendar Subscriptions. Calendar Snapshots do NOT update. You will need to create an iCalendar Subscription link which WILL automatically update when used correctly. Here’s how:

Getting Call Scheduler’s (Now TigerConnect Physician Scheduling’s) iCal subscription link into Outlook 2007

    1. First, log into TigerConnect Physician Schedulingr with your individual username, password. Each provider can create his own individual links, with his preferred choices.
    2. Navigate to the “White Board” area and choose “iCalendar Export” from the options.
    3. Using the interface, click on Add, enter a Name for your iCalendar link, Check the boxes of what should appear on the link, (for example: Dr. Smith and his individual day off information and all notes for the calendar).
    4. Click “Save” to generate the subscription link.
    5. Open Outlook 2007. (iCal does not work for Outlook 2003.)
    6. Use the Copy Shortcut feature in Explorer to copy the TigerConnect Physician Schedulingr URL so it is accurate and remains “all one line” when pasted elsewhere. ** Note: DO NOT click the link. If you simply click the link, the calendar will be opened in Outlook as a Calendar Snapshot, which is not updated.
    7. Go to Outlook and paste the iCal URL link into the appropriate spot. In Outlook 2007 this is within Tools menu > Account Settings > Internet Calendars > “New” tab. You will get a display to enter the URL for your iCalendar.
    8. Click Add after the URL is pasted into the subscription box.* You might be prompted to acknowledge that you are opening a hyperlink. You should click Yes only if you know and trust the validity of the linked calendar.
    9. At the prompt, Add this Internet Calendar to Outlook and subscribe to updates, click Yes.
    10. Outlook will display the new calendar in the Other Calendars area in a side-by-side view. You can rename it to anything you want within Outlook. The TigerConnect Physician Scheduling as displayed in Outlook will refresh when you first open Outlook for the day, or when you use the refresh function in Outlook.

Each TigerConnect Physician Scheduling iCal link comes in as a separate internet calendar with its own color. This is a feature of Outlook.

You may want to consider creating two iCal links, one for yourself (individual Provider), and another for everyone else (the Team).

Using the Help function within Outlook, search for “subscribe to internet calendars”, you will find step-by-step information there. Remember, you want to subscribe, NOT get only a snapshot. If you need further assistance, your local IT department should be able to help you.

Key Takeaway

It’s easier than ever to get your individual physician on-call schedule into your Outlook calendar and have it automatically sync for you! As a live subscription, the iCalendar subscription will automatically update when a change is made by the Clinic to the on-call schedule.


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