Care Collaboration Elevates Health Systems

Care Collaboration Elevates Health Systems

Communication and Collaboration Yield Results

This year, Bank of America is hosting their exclusive, invite-only virtual conference, their 4th Annual HCIT, and Digital Health Symposium.

TigerConnect will be highlighted to discuss our latest advancements in healthcare technology, collaboration, and communication in a session led by TigerConnect Co-founder and CEO, Brad Brooks.

In addition, we will be participating in the Trends in the Tech-Enabled Provider Solutions panel to touch on the challenges hospitals are facing in their clinical workflows and their future evolution.

We are honored for the opportunity to share our story during this prestigious financial annual event.

Care Team Collaboration
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Key Takeaways

  • Healthcare technology and care team collaboration are sorely lacking
  • Having an advanced collaboration solution can lead to better quality of care
  • TigerConnect’s platform inherently creates a fully connected care environment

Healthcare Technology: Outdated and Cumbersome

As one of the most critical industries for society, healthcare lags in progression, and digital transformation for collaboration. Many healthcare systems have become disconnected, with care teams, patients, and the user experience seeing a detrimental hit.

The majority of health systems lack a seamless, integrated platform for collaboration among care teams, providers, and patients. Faxes and pagers still run rampant in hospitals, relying on outdated technology for information exchange or reaching someone within the care continuum.

TigerConnect: Collaboration, Workflows, and Roles

One of the most important facets of high-quality care is strong care team collaboration. Prioritizing collaboration first is yielding massive benefits for many health systems.

  • Better care quality
  • Happier providers and patients
  • Positive patient outcomes
  • Lower expenditures overall

Through TigerConnect, care teams and providers can reach the right person regardless of title or department, allowing better collaboration across care teams, roles, and shifts. By automating these workflows and streamlining communication, clinicians are able to accelerate decision making and time-to-treatment action.

TigerConnect Roles are also critical to care team collaboration. In a shift-based environment, transparency is vital. TigerConnect has innovated and developed an entire persona-based management architecture within our messaging platform. This means that anyone can reach the right person via Roles, regardless of knowing who is on-call.

Engage Patients on the Same Platform

When patients are brought into the conversation of their own healthcare, better patient outcomes are experienced. Patient engagement is a chief priority within healthcare collaboration technology advancement.

Being able to easily reach patients through mobile or text without app requirements provides a frictionless patient experience across channels via text, voice, and video. Through this functionality, the patient journey maps to TigerConnect’s flexible engagement solution.

Connect Your Healthcare Ecosystem

Modern care delivery and collaboration relies on contributing to the continuum of care in an ever-expansive way. Clinicians and care teams may need to collaborate in a multi-hospital environment, interacting with a home health entity or a skilled nursing facility.

When all facilities are connected on one platform, health systems are able to unify all facets of care. Delivering the right data at the right time to each of these potential facilities is something only achieved through a cloud-native solution like TigerConnect.

Alerts and Alarms in a Single Notification Hub

TigerConnect streamlines care communication and improves actionable insights by incorporating physiological monitoring, nurse call, and other forms of alerts and alarms within a hospital system.

These integrations solve alarm fatigue, reduce noise, and allow nurse teams to leverage new information and gain a sense of urgency, reducing care delays, improving the patient experience, and supporting multiple nurse call platforms. Agnostic of installations, TigerConnect focuses on bringing alerts or alarms to the right caregiver when and where they need it.

Leveraging Data from Existing Systems of Record

Health systems across the country have invested tens of billions of dollars into EHRs and other forms of data repositories. These organizations, however, won’t actually realize the most value from these investments if they can’t move the information to the right person in context.

TigerConnect unifies these data systems at the point of care, either via mobile or desktop, taking the information being entered into lab systems or EHRS, and routing it to the correct caregiver.

Client Experience

TigerConnect has been developing new use cases and innovative approaches to building and strengthening client relationships for years. We partner with our clients in order to provide recognizable results and quantifiable outcomes through our collaboration solution.

“We were able to eliminate many pagers, bringing our monthly paging bill from $12,000 month to 1,000 a month, so it had a big financial impact… it’s even paid for TigerConnect.”
–– Joe Alfonsi, Temple University Health System

“With TigerConnect, we are immediately notified and given enough information that we can prioritize and have a quick response.”
–– Michael Litterer, RWJBarnabas

“We’re at the point where we understand what’s possible with text and video. It’s true self-service communication.”
–– Matthew Fenty, St. Luke’s University Health Network

TigerConnect Leads the Way

TigerConnect reaches health systems across the United States and is uniquely positioned to improve workflows and communication for both clinicians and patients.

  • Mobile-friendly, cloud-based solution
  • 100% scalability, enterprise-grade reliability
  • Compliant, secure, and HITRUST certified

We are the only vendor that rates over 50% or higher via KLAS in 9 out of 10 evaluation categories, and the only solution to operate at scale, achieving amazing new heights.

  • 6,500+ healthcare companies
  • 700,00 active users
  • 10 million daily care team interactions

The key to healthcare expansion is seamless collaboration and communication among providers and patients. With a cloud-based collaboration solution like TigerConnect, care teams can reach one another without limitation — unifying clinicians, patients, and information.

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