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  • Brad Brooks, CEO of TigerConnect

    Outcomes, Operations, and Opportunities

    How TigerConnect customers use our platform to improve patient care.

    In Healthcare you are frequently starting or finishing a shift and need to inform or reach a rotating cast of people who affect your ability to complete your task. Multiply this by dozens of patients across a wide array of...

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  • Julie S. Grenuk, RN, MS, RCC / Nurse Executive

    How to Improve Nurse Clinical Workflows and HCAHPS Scores

    How to Improve Nurse Clinical Workflows and HCAHPS Scores

    The ever-increasing importance of value-based healthcare is causing seismic shifts in the way medical providers offer care to patients. Measuring quality of service and patient satisfaction is central to providing excellent, value-based care, and one way of understanding quality is...

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  • Will O'Connor M.D., CMIO at TigerConnect

    8 Hidden Ways to Unlock Massive EHR Value

    8 ways to unlock value from your EHR

    The EHR is by far your hospital’s single biggest IT expenditure, but are you truly seeing a measurable return on that investment? As a system of record, the EHR holds valuable patient information. That’s the (relatively) easy part. The hard...

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  • TigerConnect

    TigerConnect Named Best Place to Work by Modern Healthcare

    TigerConnect has been named one of the Best Places to Work by Modern Healthcare.

    For the fourth year in a row, TigerConnect (formerly TigerText) has been named one of the Best Places to Work by Modern Healthcare. TigerConnect’s employees have shared positive feedback around elements including company culture, office environment, alignment with the company’s...

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By improving communication workflows, BSLMC achieved:​

💥13-minute reduction in door-to-needle time​
💥Decreased length of stay​
💥75 lives saved a year​

Learn how BSLMC achieved these incredible results:

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2022 is the year to say goodbye to:​
•Alarm fatigue​
•Unnecessary interruptions​
•Inflexible workflows​

Learn how alarm management can support nursing staff and remove stressors contributing to burnout.


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The Connected Care Team podcast is back with a new episode!

John Lynn, co-founder & CEO of @hcittoday, discusses how patient communication & patient experiences are critical to value-based care.

Check out the full episode:

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