Post Acute and Ambulatory Workflows

Managing patient care beyond the hospital walls, across the continuum of care with real-time collaboration from TigerConnect.

Post Acute and Ambulatory Workflows

Enhanced Communication & Collaboration. More Effective Workflows.

  • Reduce missed appointments and readmissions
  • Ensure continuity of care
  • Reduce leakage by securing more referrals

Streamline Care Throughout the Patient Journey

Systematizing workflows in ambulatory and post-acute care increases efficiency and coordination, leading to improved patient outcomes.

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Transfer Center

Keep patients in network and improve the continuity of care.

Save time and coordinate patient transfers more efficiently by streamlining communication across all facilities, care teams and support staff.


Decrease patient discharge delays due to referral barriers.

Quickly coordinate patient referrals outside your organization or across your facility with real-time communication via secure messaging. Safely share patient information to simply the referral process and complete handoffs faster.

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Automated Appointment Reminders

Reduce no shows and improve care adherence.

Capture recurring revenue by helping patients keep appointments through better communication. Reduce readmissions and help patients stay on recovery paths. 

Home Health & Hospice

Keep Care Teams in the Know on Patient Status.

Increase care team responsiveness by automatically notifying care team members when there’s been a change in patient status or transitions of care. Keep families informed securely.  

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skilled nursing facilities

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Expedite transfers to skilled nursing facilities, improve referrals.

Streamline transfers to skilled nursing facilities by enabling real-time communication that speeds up the transfer process. Increase patient safety and improve referrals within your care network.

Healthcare’s Most Powerful Communication & Collaboration Solution

Built for the way you work.

seamless communication communication collaboration solution

Seamless Communication

HIPAA-compliant communication across the hall and across the health system.

custom teams communication collaboration solution

Custom Teams

Reduce no-shows and improve care adherence with automated reminders to patients and family members.

interoperable 100 percent cloud based communication collaboration solution

Interoperable & 100% cloud-based

System integrations ensure the right information is routed to the right providers at the right time.

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role based scheduling custom teams communication collaboration solution

Role-Based Scheduling

Functional roles auto-populate from your physician schedules.

easily find whos on call communication collaboration solution

Easily Find Who’s On Call

Send and receive images, videos, and voice recordings from the phone or cloud storage apps.

patient engagement made easy communication collaboration solution

Real-Time Patient Data

Get real time, context-rich patient alerts and alarms.

webinar preview 4 hospice workflows

See TigerConnect in Action: Four Hospice Workflows Improved

Watch this short product demo to see how TigerConnect improves hospice workflows.

Why Consider TigerConnect?

More than 7,000 healthcare organizations trust TigerConnect.

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“Our organization has been successfully using the Tiger Connect platform since 2015. The application has helped us to effectively communication securely with other clinical team members and our patients.”

UHG – Southwest Medical Associates

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