Hospitals have been facing the direct effects of nurse and physician burnout at alarming rates over the past few years. While administrative staff often bear the burden of creating and managing physician schedules, care teams are significantly impacted by out-of-date and inaccessible schedules. To address these challenges, many healthcare institutions are adopting automated physician scheduling software, moving away from manual tasks that waste hundreds of hours each year, and ensuring that schedules are always current and easily accessible for all staff members. 

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Automated scheduling software helps create fair, balanced schedules in minutes, eliminating inefficient manual processes and fostering a happier, more productive work environment. But where do you start?  

Here are four questions to ask when evaluating physician scheduling solutions: 

  1. Can you create custom rules? Look for a solution with a smart algorithm that distributes shifts fairly and ensures organizational needs are met. 
  2. Do pre-built templates exist to save time? Ideal software allows administrators to generate schedules quickly, incorporating time-off requests for smooth, predictable workweeks. 
  3. Is the software mobile-friendly? The ability to request time off, swap shifts, and view up-to-date schedules from a mobile app promotes physician satisfaction and adoption. 
  4. Does the software promote transparency and equity? Look for features like shift tally reports that maintain a fair balance for days off and holidays. 

Streamlined Physician scheduling with TigerConnect 

TigerConnect Physician Scheduling tackles the pain points of manual scheduling by providing a single source of truth for efficient and equitable workflow management. By saving time and ensuring fair schedules, physicians are empowered to deliver exceptional patient care.  

Automation streamlines the often-complicated process of managing physician schedules. With automated schedule building, the system considers physician availability and workload, creating fair and balanced schedules. Doctors can submit time-off requests or swap shifts directly from their phones using a mobile app. Fairness tracking reports ensure shift assignments are distributed evenly, cultivating a sense of transparency among doctors. 

TigerConnect has a mobile-friendly platform that allows doctors to access their schedules and communicate with colleagues from anywhere using their phones. Instant communication enables doctors, nurses, and staff to reach the right person quickly, while real-time updates keep everyone informed about schedule changes, time-off requests, and future assignments. Some key features of TigerConnect Physician Scheduling include: 

  • Automated schedule creation: Automatically generate fair and balanced shift and on-call schedules based on pre-defined rules and preferences. This ensures fairness and reduces administrative load. 
  • Dynamic schedule adjustments: The platform allows real-time adjustments for shift swaps, time-off requests, and unexpected changes. This improves flexibility and work-life balance for physicians. 
  • Time savings: The software creates fair and balanced schedules that save staff valuable time. Improved efficiency leads to happier providers and more time to focus on patient care. 
  • Increased transparency: With a single platform that displays the latest schedule updates, everyone stays informed, eliminating confusion and communication breakdowns. 
  • Data-driven insights: Gain valuable insights into scheduling trends and identify areas for improvement, allowing for optimized scheduling and resource allocation. 

Benefits extend beyond just time savings. TigerConnect Physician Scheduling improves the work environment by empowering physicians with mobile access to their schedules and real-time updates. This can lead to reduced burnout and improved workflow efficiency. Healthcare organizations also benefit from implementing TigerConnect Physician Scheduling through time savings, automated schedule generation, customization options, and seamless integrations with other systems. Learn more about TigerConnect Physician Scheduling with this product tour. 

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