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  • Will O'Connor M.D., CMIO at TigerConnect

    Secure Messaging Enhances Critical Value Alerts

    Key Takeaways: 85% reported that critical value notification by secure text messaging has increased their efficiency 95% reported that critical value notification is more effective than a pager-phone-call based system 83% of providers reported that they were able to provide...

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  • Will O'Connor M.D., CMIO at TigerConnect

    5 Ways Physicians Can Fundamentally Transform Patient Communication

    Every good clinician knows that doctor-patient communication can make or break the patient experience. It also affects health outcomes. People can’t follow a doctor’s orders if they don’t fully understand their care plans, and they won’t follow them if they...

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  • TigerConnect

    Introducing The Connected Care Team Podcast Pilot

    Introducing The Connected Care Team -- Stories of Healthcare Technology Innovation

    When pursuing a career in healthcare, everyone has dreams and aspirations in mind. They’re eager to improve the quality of health in others and ensure a fulfilling career in what they’re most passionate about-- saving lives. But before they know...

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  • Will O'Connor M.D., CMIO at TigerConnect

    Aligning Care Coordination to Patient Satisfaction

    Let’s face it. Patients aren’t exactly looking forward to their next doctor or hospital appointment, and when faced with the current pandemic, most dread the thought. Prior to the pandemic, many patients have experienced their fair share of frustration between...

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By improving communication workflows, BSLMC achieved:​

💥13-minute reduction in door-to-needle time​
💥Decreased length of stay​
💥75 lives saved a year​

Learn how BSLMC achieved these incredible results:

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2022 is the year to say goodbye to:​
•Alarm fatigue​
•Unnecessary interruptions​
•Inflexible workflows​

Learn how alarm management can support nursing staff and remove stressors contributing to burnout.


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The Connected Care Team podcast is back with a new episode!

John Lynn, co-founder & CEO of @hcittoday, discusses how patient communication & patient experiences are critical to value-based care.

Check out the full episode:

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