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  • Melody Gandy-Bohr

    6 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Clinical Communication & Collaboration

    6 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Clinical Communication & Collaboration

    Clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) solutions are vital for enabling real-time healthcare communication between care teams, administrative staff, and patients. CC&C solutions enhance clinical workflows for nurses, physicians, and other healthcare members. Enhancing clinical workflows delivers numerous benefits to healthcare...

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  • Cheryl McKay, PhD, RN, Nurse Executive Accountable Care

    Nurses at the Heart of Healthcare Contest

    Nurses at the Heart of Healthcare Contest

    The American Nurses Association established National Nurses Week in 1985 to honor nurses' contributions to advancing the profession and the healthcare industry. The celebration has since expanded into an entire month, which is a great opportunity to highlight how important...

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  • Cheryl McKay, PhD, RN, Nurse Executive Accountable Care

    3 Pitfalls to Avoid in Nurse and Physician Communication

    3 Pitfalls of Nurse-Physician Disconnects

    Collaboration is key to success in any organization, but even more so in healthcare. Speed to care is a critical driver, especially when treating patients with severe conditions. Nurse and physician communication must be in sync to share insights and...

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  • Harish Panchal, Chief Sales Officer

    Improving Healthcare Communication and Collaboration Within Doctor’s Offices and Beyond

    Improving Healthcare Comm Blog

    Doctors’ offices, clinics, urgent care facilities, and other medical outposts are the front lines of healthcare. That’s where patients have most of their regular interactions with caregivers. Efforts to transform relationships between healthcare consumers and the industry at large must...

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Avita Home Health & Hospice achieved a 21-day reduction in service-to-claim time by replacing their non-HIPAA compliant, free group messaging app with the TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform.

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Healthcare faces many challenges, from clinical coordination to financial constraints. Communication is the key to bridging those gaps.

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