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  • Amy Engebretson, Senior Customer Project Manager

    How to Piss Off Your Scheduler! – Scheduling

    Collected from the real-life stories from the frontlines of Scheduling, here is a list of what busy people do without thinking. If you want to see your scheduler longing for the hammock, try out some of the following items: Leave...

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  • Justin Wampach, founder of Call Scheduler, & VP of Scheduling Division

    8 Ways On Call Physicians Can Get Cited With an EMTALA Violation – Scheduling

    There are a lot of good resources regarding EMTALA and on-call. MedLaw Attorney Stephen Frew published an article about "...common practices that will get on-call physicians cited" here are some great excerpts from that article. If an on-call Doctor is...

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  • Amy Engebretson, Senior Customer Project Manager

    Doctor Scheduling: Sleeping on the Job – Scheduling

    The Scheduler’s Axiom of “never publish an on-call schedule you would not do yourself”, is even more relevant after recent episodes of Control Tower Operators being disciplined for napping on the job. How does the way you schedule on-call affect...

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  • Justin Wampach, founder of Call Scheduler, & VP of Scheduling Division

    You’re Managing My On-Call Schedule With a 3-Ring-Binder? – Scheduling

    Out-of-date hospitals manage on-call for the Doctors with binders whereas modern hospitals manage on-call for their Doctors customers using technology. If you are a specialty provider such as a Cardiologist or OB/GYN Doctor, what type of service do your patients...

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