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    Mobile Security and Compliance in Healthcare – Infographic

    Did you know that 96% of employees use mobile devices at work? That's not surprising as texting is quickly becoming a preferred communication channel in the workplace. But, did you also know that 55% of employees admit to discussing confidential...

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  • Amy Engebretson, Senior Customer Project Manager

    Insanity Defined: the On-Call Schedule – Scheduling

    What are three things all successful schedulers and physicians seem to have in common? Strong personalities Great political / inter-personal instincts A thick skin Successful Schedulers and Physicians want to do the right thing, in the best way possible. They...

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  • TigerConnect

    Mobile Device Security for ALL Industries

    Search compliance recently published a great article on regulatory compliance mandates on mobile devices.   While mobile security for the healthcare and financial industries is highly publicized, often we forget that there are many other industries and regulatory bodies that have...

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  • Amy Engebretson, Senior Customer Project Manager

    Physicians are most unique Schedulers in the world! – Scheduling

    I had quite a surprise during training this morning. spilled coffee2 I had an appointment with an ICU Physician to finish up our advanced training so the results could be shared with his partners tomorrow. I called the specified contact...

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