At the close of 2023, the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) unveiled its annual Digital Health Most Wired list, encompassing data from 40% of US hospitals. The report explores how healthcare organizations are strategically leveraging healthcare information technologies (HIT) to improve patient, clinician, and hospital outcomes.  

Healthcare organizations continue to face challenges such as rising costs, labor shortages, and clinician burnout. Therefore, hospitals need to assess how to leverage technology to improve productivity for clinicians and optimize workflows. This is a hot topic for healthcare professionals this year, and a major theme at next week’s ViVE conference in Los Angeles.  

see tigerconnect in action

See TigerConnect in Action

Ready to improve clinical workflows and ehance clinician productivity?

TigerConnect customers top honors for tech innovation

We’re proud to note that 13 of our incredible customers were recognized in CHIME’s Digital Health Most Wired List. They have been recognized for demonstrating an exceptional record of leveraging HIT to advance a forward-thinking corporate strategy, ultimately benefiting patients by improving the quality and efficiency of care delivery.

  1. Spectrum 
  2. Leigh Valley Health Network 
  3. Baptist Health South Florida 
  4. Children’s Health System of Texas 
  5. Cox Health 
  6. St. Luke’s University Health Network 
  7. Tampa General Hospital 
  8. Yale New Haven 
  9. Intermountain Health 
  10. Geisinger Health 
  11. Monmouth Medical Center Southern Campus 
  12. RWJBarnabas Health 
  13. Thomas Jefferson University Hospital 

Trends continuing in 2024 and beyond 

There are several trends highlighted in Digital Health Analytics’ National Trends report that can be addressed now with the adoption of innovative clinical technologies like TigerConnect’s robust product suite that helps healthcare organizations improve outcomes and clinician productivity. 

EMR interoperability 

According to the report, there is still room for progress when integrating EHR data into other systems and leveraging it for better patient care. TigerConnect integrates with the EHR to leverage data-driven insights and automate processes, thereby filling in communication gaps for faster care decisions. 

Healthcare workers and consumer technologies  

With 95% of surveyed healthcare systems supporting the use of employee-owned devices in patient care, it’s clear there’s a recognition of the value these devices bring. While bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategies provide greater mobility and connectivity, there must be a balance between convenience and security. Secure messaging lies at the heart of this approach, offering a solution that balances the flexibility of consumer technology with the critical need for data security and regulatory compliance. The TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform does this with features such as encryption, auto-deletion of messages after a set time period, and remote wipe capabilities, which offer the highest level of data security for the network and the device. 

Patient engagement goals 

CHIME notes that beyond the desire to involve patients more directly in their care, healthcare organizations are interested in leveraging patient engagement technology to increase volume by improving patient access. The drive to engage patients more deeply in their care, supported by technology, is more crucial than ever. TigerConnect Patient Engagement allows physician groups to adopt a patient-focused approach to healthcare that prioritizes the patients’ needs and concerns. This method enhances accessibility, increases patient satisfaction, and reduces no-show rates.  

Advancing communication tools 

Healthcare organizations are currently seeking ways to simplify their patient engagement and communication tools. An integrated solution could be the answer to reducing vendor management challenges. By shifting to a comprehensive platform that simplifies communication flows through staff scheduling, bidirectional communication, and seamless EHR integration, the TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform goes beyond traditional messaging functions. It allows healthcare providers to use a single solution that optimizes care coordination and enhances patient experiences. 

A future forged together 

We are proud to celebrate the achievements of our clients recognized by the CHIME Digital Health Most Wired list. These are just a small group of healthcare organizations leveraging TigerConnect to optimize clinical workflows and improve clinical productivity. 

Discover how TigerConnect is pivotal in driving this innovation and enhancing organizational performance. Schedule a demo to see how TigerConnect can improve clinical workflows and enhance productivity at your organization. 

If you will be in Los Angles for ViVE 2024, join TigerConnect for a reception at Perch LA Bar 13 on Monday, February 26th from 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm. If you’re interested in attending, please email

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