The Impact of Clinical Communication on Hospitals

The Impact of Clinical Communication on Hospitals

Hospitals Use TigerText to Increase Profitability and Improve Patient Outcomes

Effective communication among hospital staff can mean the difference between acceptable medical care and exceptional medical care for patients. Better-connected care teams see improved collaboration, faster throughput, and better patient outcomes on a daily basis. On the other hand, ineffective communication can lead to chronic issues we often see in healthcare today like improper diagnosis, delayed treatment, and inflated costs. Thankfully, many hospitals and health facilities have taken the first step to improve their communication and collaboration systems by equipping their care teams with TigerText, and they’ve seen some pretty dramatic results.

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To dive deeper and learn more about why some of the largest health systems in the country rely on TigerText, check out the infographic above.

Effective Healthcare Communication Helps the Bottom Line

With healthcare in a constant state of progression, more technologically advanced forms of communication are taking place over antiquated devices. Take, for instance, replacing nurse call or pager systems with smartphones. In an age where 77% of U.S. adults own smartphones, it’s never been easier to use your own device at work as long as it’s secure. Hospitals and health systems using TigerText have proved that mobile, integrated clinical communications can have a big impact on the bottom line. For example, the $236,000 additional annual revenue seen by the Carolinas HealthCare system after implementing TigerText at their facilities.

Better Information Exchange Improves Efficiency and Patient Outcomes

An increase in revenue isn’t the only benefit of rolling out TigerText to care teams. Our customers also see improvements in efficiency and patient outcomes. A prime example is Innovation Care Partners, a physician-led Clinical Integration Network and Accountable Care Organization (ACO). After providing their Transition Care Managers (TCMs) with TigerText to better manage emergency admissions, the TCMs could communicate quickly and directly with the patient’s Primary Care Physician, creating collaboration amongst the entire care team. The program proved to be a success when the organization lowered its readmission rates to just under 3%, much lower than the state average.

HIPAA-Compliant Communications Ensure Confidentiality

Finally, all TigerText users enjoy the benefits of secure messaging that facilitate HIPAA compliance and is backed by HITRUST certification. Not only that, but administrators also have a host of safeguards at their disposal. This includes the ability to set the time period before active texts get deleted, determine facility-wide password requirements, and even revoke access remotely to private health information from a lost or stolen device. These features make for a confidence-inspiring communication experience for users and administrators alike.

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