Huntsville Hospital Back on Track Thanks to TigerConnect Physician Scheduling

Huntsville Hospital Back on Track Thanks to TigerConnect Physician Scheduling

TigerConnect Physician Scheduling Eliminates On-Call Scheduling Challenges

Huntsville Memorial Hospital of Huntsville, Texas treats 5,200 patients annually. As the hospital aimed to meet increasing demands due to rapid growth, Huntsville’s call scheduling system had not kept up with the surge of patients.

Their system often left the ED frantically piecing together processes and requests from a variety of departments, leading to the ER lacking critical specialists on call.

Huntsville was in danger of losing its trauma program status as a Level IV facility.

They needed an intuitive system specifically designed for their complex scheduling management needs. Scheduling shift changes, a simple interface, technical support, and a return on investment were all vital factors for Huntsville.

  • Outdated system: A whiteboard in the ER provided little to no means to make, track, or share scheduling changes
  • Inefficient process: A lack of structure meant no one was responsible for recognizing or communicating the scheduling changes or effects
  • Time-consuming: Without a single solution to find updated schedules, staff mistakenly called the wrong physicians, spending time tracking down the correct providers
  • Compromised patient care: The inefficient system began to impact the quality of patient care for which the hospital had long been recognized

Physician Scheduling for Hospitals

Physician Scheduling for Hospitals

TigerConnect Physician Scheduling Implementation

Achieving short and long-term success meant full care team participation and quick adoption. Ultimately, they wanted a system that further enhanced the quality of patient care while boosting their bottom line.

After researching, Huntsville selected TigerConnect Physician Scheduling for the software’s capabilities and commitment to becoming a trusted partner. They were also impressed that TigerConnect Physician Scheduling was designed through input from physicians and hospitals.

TigerConnect Physician Scheduling quickly became the new standard as management sought widespread implementation to overcome liability issues and comply with federal regulations.

Keys to Full Staff Implementation

  • Connecting with core team members and staff
  • Gain staff buy-in and widespread adoption
  • Use on-site training resources and support

Better Scheduling

Soon after the implementation of TigerConnect Physician Scheduling, they began to see new results.

Enhanced Patient Care

TigerConnect Physician Scheduling provided a system that allows the hospital to have more consistent and appropriate coverage in order to best serve the various patients, particularly in the ER.

Time and Money Savings

The ability of TigerConnect Physician Scheduling to automate the scheduling process enables hospital staff to focus on the core functions, delivering a financial boost to the hospital’s bottom line, allowing the hospital’s medical teams to spend more time caring for patients.

Improved Communication

Because the software was developed based on best practices, Huntsville quickly developed and implemented a best practices system focused on heightened communication and patient care. A shared understanding between ER staff and physicians has improved relations, morale, and productivity.

Overall, adopting a new on-call management system allowed Huntsville to gain trust and build buy-in with a vision for improved patient care.

Final Thoughts

Through their implementation of TigerConnect Physician Scheduling, Huntsville found significant improvements to their physician on-call scheduling process. Ultimately, implementing TigerConnect Physician Scheduling allowed Huntsville’s clinical teams to spend more time doing what they do best: caring for patients.

To learn more about Huntsville’s TigerConnect implementation, check out our case study.

If you’re interested in learning how TigerConnect can improve your clinical communication and collaboration efficiency, reach out to us any time or request a demo.

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