11 Tips for Nurses to Get an Hour Back in Their Day

11 Tips for Nurses to Get an Hour Back in Their Day

In healthcare, communication is everything. Lack of effective and efficient communication between clinicians can jeopardize patient safety, threaten patient outcomes and create barriers to patient care. Nurses are typically the first care team member to feel the negative effects of clinical miscommunication, and can end up suffering from burnout and other avoidable consequences in the long run.

To help combat burnout due to miscommunication in healthcare facilities, we put together a list of 11 tips to help nurses get an hour back in their day by using TigerConnect:

11 Ways to Save an Hour in Your Day

Any minutes or hours nurses can reclaim from performing routine or administrative tasks, (e.g.“toil”), means more time at a patient’s bedside. And that means more time to deliver the very best in patient care, lower healthcare costs, and better outcomes.

Clinical Communication and Collaboration (CC&C) platforms like TigerConnect are a powerful tool that allows nurses to work smarter and deliver quality care faster. Not to mention the ability to connect and communicate with the entire care team in real time, making it easier to reach providers and coordinate care.

For a more in-depth view of how you can utilize TigerConnect to improve clinical workflows, reduce burnout, and save hours in your day, visit our website.

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