On-Demand Webinar

From Cortext to TigerConnect: How to Make the Switch in 6 Weeks

Why TigerConnect Is the Top Cortext Replacement

With Imprivata’s Cortext end-of-life approaching, current Cortext users need to find a reliable secure messaging platform. TigerConnect, a trusted industry leader, offers not just a replacement but an enhancement to your clinical communication.

Gain valuable insights into the implementation process, secure messaging features, and the TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform by joining us for a 15-minute fireside chat with Berkshire Health as they discuss their transition from Cortext to TigerConnect.

Watch this on-demand webinar to:

  • Learn best practices for a seamless implementation
  • Discover enhanced clinical communication features
  • See how TigerConnect streamlines clinical workflows

Dr. Jason Touhey, CMIO at Berkshire Health

Brad Brooks, CEO at TigerConnectWill O’Connor, MD, CMIO at TigerConnect