Friday 15-Min Demos:

Reduce Length of Stay with Rapid ED Lab Alerts

Reduce Lab Turnaround Time by 54 Minutes with TigerConnect

Currently, diagnostic labs are performed on 56% of patients in the emergency department. When non-critical lab results are posted to the EHR, it can take upwards of an hour for those results to reach the provider. Delays in turnaround time for non-critical labs contribute to longer lengths of stay and slower ED throughput.

But with TigerConnect, ED providers are automatically notified when labs have resulted, leading to:

  • Faster lab turnaround times
  • Decreased ED length of stay
  • Improved ED throughput
  • Quicker treatment decisions

A typical hospital workflow of ~119 minutes is reduced to a TigerConnect workflow of ~65 minutes!

With TigerConnect, an EHR allows lab result notifications to route to the provider once they have results, reducing ED Lab turnaround time by 54 minutes.

Watch this 15-minute demo to see how real-time notifications can enable your ED staff to make quicker treatment decisions, reduce ED length of stay, and improve ED throughput.

Chris Vacca, Solution Design Director at TigerConnect