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Scheduling Simplified: How University of New Mexico Health Created a Single Source of Truth 

Learn How the University of New Mexico Health Consolidated Two Scheduling Systems into One with TigerConnect

Healthcare organizations are using multiple solutions to manage on-call and resident block schedules – often leading to inaccurate schedules and unfair distribution of workloads.  

In this upcoming webinar, speakers from University of New Mexico Health share how combining physician and resident schedules on a single platform enhanced care coordination, saved time, and increased productivity. 

Join the webinar where we’ll explore:  

  • How UNM integrated role-based messaging with automated physician schedules to enhance care coordination 
  • Improvements in staff satisfaction and burnout by using a single source of truth for physician and resident scheduling  
  • TigerConnect scheduling features, including enterprise-wide views, daily assignment template validation, and multi-user scheduling 


  • Michael Louie, MD, Associate Program Director, UNM School of Medicine
  • Phil Bolyard, Systems Analyst in Communications, UNM Hospitals
  • Gina Loxtercamp, Implementation Project Manager, TigerConnect