Friday 15-Min Demos:

Increase Your OR Capacity

Got 15 Minutes?

Operating Rooms (OR) are expensive to run. A single OR can cost between $15-$50 per minute to operate.

Imagine being able to improve efficiency and reduce delays in the operating room without sacrificing quality of care.

By using TigerConnect real-time messaging, staff get notified every time a patient event is documented in the EHR, which helps the entire process more efficiently and prevents delays.

In this on-demand product demo, watch as Chris Lowder, Senior Solution Architect at TigerConnect, explains how you can:

  • Improve first-case start times to under five minutes
  • Reach the appropriate individual at the right time as the patient moves through the phases of care
  • Speed operating room turnover times through better collaboration
  • Increase revenue with more cases performed and reduced overtime costs

If OR capacity is improved by just 0.5% per 20,000 cases, additional revenue can be estimated at $116,000.

Learn how to increase OR capacity and boost revenue in this quick, no-strings-attached demo. 

Chris Lowder, Senior Solution Architect at TigerConnect