On-Demand Webinar

How Mount Nittany Health Improved Clinical Workflows with Modern Scheduling​

Hear It Straight from Clinicians! ​

This real-life example shows exactly how TigerConnect improves clinical workflows.

Learn how Mount Nittany Health saved time, increased accountability, and improved patient outcomes through modernizing their scheduling solution.

Previously, they used a custom-built analog system that could only be maintained by select individuals. With TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform and TigerConnect Physician Scheduling, they centralized their scheduling, which greatly improved communication between departments.

  • Learn how to modernize analog and older scheduling systems
  • Hear about saving time and improving interoperability through schedule transparency
  • Discover how a modern scheduling solution enhances communication between providers and staff
  • Explore how executive support is critical for organizational success

Stephen Tingley, MD, CMIO at Mt. Nittany Health

Marissa Wickham, MPS, RDN, LDN, Clinical Informaticist and Education at Mt. Nittany Health

Amy Rea, BSN, RN, Application Specialist and RN at Mt. Nittany Health

Ryan McLaughlin, Manager, Clinical Applications at Mt. Nittany Health