Friday 15-Min Demos:

Keep Patients In-Network With Efficient Transfer Center Workflows

Did you know you can do more than secure texting with TigerConnect?

Outdated healthcare technology is a significant factor in slow and inefficient patient transfers. Too often, transfer center dispatchers communicate through phone calls, voice messages, and archaic pagers. This process is frustrating for dispatchers and creates delays in patient transfers. TigerConnect enhances communication and allows the transfer center, sending unit, and receiving unit to:

  • Securely communicate in real time about the patient without compromising patient data
  • Coordinate patient transfers faster with group messaging
  • Decrease time from transfer request to bed placement

With TigerConnect, hospitals have reduced patient transfer time by 95 minutes using HIPAA-compliant role-based messaging.

Watch this 15-minute demo to learn how your hospital can streamline patient transfers, reduce patient leakage, and improve patient and provider satisfaction.

Chris Vacca, Solution Design Director at TigerConnect