On-Demand Webinar

Best Practices for Staff Communication from Cross Creek Hospital

Learn how Cross Creek Hospital Transformed Communication

The way behavioral health clinics and hospitals treat patients has evolved rapidly over the past few years. The increased demand for services, the transition to telehealth, workforce staffing strains, and the use of inefficient technology (like desk phones) have led organizations to reprioritize how they communicate inside and outside their walls.  

In this webinar, TigerConnect joins Behavioral Health Business and Cross Creek Hospital to uncover the impact of optimized clinical communication strategies on the efficiency, quality, and patient-centeredness of care within behavioral health settings.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn: 

  • How Cross Creek Hospital has transformed communication strategies, improved patient care, and optimized operational workflows using TigerConnect. 
  • Current challenges behavioral health institutions face and how to maintain operational effectiveness while delivering quality patient care. 
  • How a state-of-the-art communication platform like TigerConnect can optimize internal collaboration among clinical staff, specialists, and administrators.  

Brandon Willis, Director of Clinical Services at Cross Creek