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Beyond the Beeps: How Yale New Haven Hospital Mastered Alarm Management

Discover How Yale New Haven Hospital reduced false alarms in patient monitoring with TigerConnect

In a hospital environment, physicians and nurses must coordinate and deliver care during high-stress situations. When the equipment generates too many false alarms this adds stressors – creating unnecessary clinical interruptions which in turn leads to missed alarms and delayed response time.

In this webinar, Laurie Devin, Medicine Coordinator at Yale New Haven Hospital, discusses how proper education on alarm parameters and a customizable alarm management platform led to significant patient monitoring improvements, reduced alarm fatigue, and better patient care.

Watch the webinar to discover:

  • How Yale decreased alarm volume, ensuring a more focused patient monitoring workflow.
  • Best practices for alarm parameter changes and system education.
  • Yale’s successful patient care improvements, including reduced serious patient events.


  • Laurie Devin, MSN, MBA, RN, CNML, Medicine Coordinator at Yale New Haven Health
  • Ryan Bush, MSN, RN-BC, Director, Clinical Consulting at TigerConnect