The time-consuming task of physician scheduling is a challenge plagued by inefficiencies and complexities that can impact patient care and staff well-being. Traditional manual scheduling methods, reliant on spreadsheets, paper records, and labor-intensive coordination efforts, often lead to errors, conflicts, and a waste of resources. These outdated methods mean schedules don’t update in real time and are not balanced fairly, contributing to physician burnout as physicians carry uneven workloads and are often contacted when they are not on-call. This burnout has resulted in more than 145,000 physicians resigning in 2023 alone. 

Clinical workflows demand agility and adaptability, qualities that manual scheduling methods often lack, resulting in delayed responses due to schedules being outdated or not easily accessible. Manual physician scheduling is a recipe for wasted time, burnout, and inefficient care delivery. 

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Why manual scheduling fails 

Manually managing physician schedules is a logistical nightmare. Spreadsheets and whiteboards quickly become outdated, information gets lost, and equitable distribution feels impossible. This leads to a cascade of problems:

  • Communication breakdowns: Inconsistent schedule information causes confusion and frustration for staff trying to locate the correct provider on-call, leading to patient safety issues and poor patient outcomes. 
  • Time-consuming adjustments: Constantly updating and redistributing schedules when physicians swap shifts or request time off is not only cumbersome, but it can also lead to requests slipping through the cracks or departments referencing outdated schedules. 
  • Inequitable schedule assignments: With manual scheduling, it can be extremely difficult to manage on-call assignments in a fair and equitable manner. Uneven assignment distributions result in unfair workloads, leading to physicians being overworked and burned out.

But what if there was a better way to automate schedules, balance workloads, and empower physicians and staff? TigerConnect Physician Scheduling offers a powerful solution designed to revolutionize your approach to scheduling.  

How TigerConnect Physician Scheduling solves inefficiencies 

Our innovative platform tackles all the pain points of manual scheduling, offering a single source of truth for efficient and equitable workflow management. Here are four ways TigerConnect Physician Scheduling saves time and improves productivity: 

  • Automated schedule creation: Say goodbye to hours spent juggling spreadsheets and automatically generate fair and balanced shift and on-call schedules in minutes based on pre-defined rules and preferences. The TigerConnect Physician Scheduling algorithm ensures fairness in on-call shift assignments by including sufficient time between shifts, ensuring an even distribution of weekday, weekend, and holiday shift assignments across all physicians, and ensuring providers aren’t contacted when they’re off duty. 
  • Dynamic schedule adjustments: Life happens! TigerConnect Physician Scheduling allows real-time adjustments with a single click, accommodating shift swaps, time-off requests, and unexpected changes. Work-life balance becomes more accessible when physicians can review and request changes to their schedules right from their phones. 
  • Increased transparency with role-based communication: Everyone stays informed with a single, accessible platform that displays the latest schedule updates. No more relying on multiple emails or outdated spreadsheets. Your scheduling solution should integrate with a clinical communication tool to facilitate seamless and efficient coordination of scheduled assignments. Role-based communication fosters a more cohesive work environment by enabling staff to communicate with the right provider at all times. 
  • Data-driven insights: Gain valuable insights into scheduling trends and identify areas for improvement. The TigerConnect Physician Scheduling software offers intuitive interfaces that enable efficient and time-saving scheduling, allowing administrators to create optimized schedules through a rules-based engine that considers availability, time-off requests, and more. 

The benefits go beyond saving time 

TigerConnect Physician Scheduling offers more than just time-saving efficiency; it fosters a positive work environment and optimizes resource allocation by empowering physicians. Physicians gain more control with mobile access to their schedules, and real-time notifications keep them updated on any changes. This often translates into reduced physician burnout, enhanced workflow efficiency, and accurate, up-to-date schedules. The solution also helps improve physicians’ work-life balance through several capabilities, including swapping shifts, submitting time-off requests, and viewing schedule changes in real time from anywhere.  

Healthcare organizations reap numerous advantages from implementing modern, intuitive scheduling solutions. These include time savings in creating and managing schedules, automated generation of shift and on-call schedules within minutes, customization options to meet organizational needs, centralized management of schedule changes to eliminate inaccuracies, rapid creation of resident block and rotation schedules adhering to duty hour rules and program requirements, and seamless integration with TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration to prevent care delays and ensure swift access to the most suitable physician for every situation. 

Ready to reclaim your time and transform your workflow? 

Don’t let manual scheduling hold you back. Explore the power of TigerConnect Physician Scheduling and unlock a world of improved productivity, communication, and patient care. Contact us to learn more and schedule your demo today! 

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