Patient Experience Meets Virtual Care

Patient Experience Meets Virtual Care

What matters most to patients?

It’s a simple question with an intangible answer, as each individual’s concerns vary across the board. For example, a child with a one-time injury and an elderly patient with a lifelong, chronic condition will have vastly different expectations for their healthcare experience. As we know, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

However, throughout the majority of circumstances, patients prioritize being directly involved in their own healthcare experience. They want to share in the challenges and decision-making, partake in self-directed care, and would like to easily access their own personal information. After all, it’s their health on the line.

Patients prefer building genuine relationships with their care providers, embracing team-based care that is authentic and human. Patients want a say in how they interact with their providers and continuously seek simple approaches to accessing their healthcare in a personalized manner.

Therefore, it’s easy to conclude that the “patient experience” is the most common and important aspect related to their care. According to The Beryl Institute, patient experience is defined as “the sum of all interactions, shaped by an organization’s culture, that influence patient perceptions across the continuum of care.”

So what is the best approach to combine patient experience and effective telehealth?

Virtual care must be part of a larger communication and collaboration strategy that includes secure messaging and options for voice and video calls. It should also entail features like automated role scheduling as well as the opportunity for direct outreach following a patient’s stay. Finally, an engagement strategy must emphasize mobile virtual care visits, reducing the need for repetitive onsite appointments.

As we develop improved care solutions here at TigerConnect, our ultimate goal is to constantly advance communications between care teams, physicians, nurses, and patients. Our work has demonstrated that telehealth yields the best results when it’s easiest to access and simple enough for both staff and patients to use.

Recognizing the need for health systems to provide improved virtual care, a better patient experience, and patient-provider communication, we recently launched TigerTouch+ to help healthcare providers directly communicate with patients from anywhere, allowing each individual to feel well informed of their own experience and genuinely cared for.

TigerTouch+ helps healthcare providers conduct one-on-one or group conversations via text, voice, or video with patients, enhancing remote care and enabling providers to engage patients at each touchpoint, from diagnosis to hospitalization and recovery. Likewise, confidential health information is securely shared through encrypted channels to coordinate care quickly.

With its integrated telehealth and virtual care features, TigerTouch+ delivers everything in one solution for care teams to collaborate seamlessly, not only with patients, but with each other, all within a single, cloud-based, mobile-friendly solution.

TigerConnect operates with a decade of healthcare communication expertise and thousands of organizations relying on our technology to connect doctors, nurses, support staff, and now with TigerTouch+, the patients they serve.

We understand how important it is to build functional, reliable, and simplified solutions. Regardless of where your communication strategy currently stands, TigerTouch+ can help care teams and providers both large and small connect with patients faster and more effectively.

TigerTouch+: Video, Voice & Text in one Easy App

Simple and secure virtual communication for providers and patients

TigerTouch+Plus Telehealth Solutions

Download the TigerTouch+ datasheet to see how advanced clinical communication and collaboration solutions can revitalize your patients’ experiences and provider satisfaction.

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